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    [COMPLETE] Kuroi Shingetsu


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    [COMPLETE] Kuroi Shingetsu Empty [COMPLETE] Kuroi Shingetsu

    Post by Izuna on Sun Aug 09, 2015 8:42 am


    [ALIAS:] The Legendary Black Swordsman
    Black Knight
    [SEX:] Male
    [AGE:] 310 years old
    [SPECIES:] Arrancar
    [RANK:] N/A
    [FACTION:] N/A

    Personality: He is a cold man that shows no emotions whatsoever on the visible surface. Inside, he is a turmoil of depression and other emotions that come as a result of his being despairing, lonely, and angry, hateful. Kuroi on the outside will show only vague or mild interest in his eyes, even when he visibly shows other emotions. It is also shown that he is interested by deeper, more philosophical things, as well as power. His main interests and likes seem to focus around things he does not have, does not have often, or is usually deprived of. Kuroi's main dislikes appear to be things that can remind him of his fears.

    In pressurizing situations, Kuroi is easily calm. In battle, he keeps his cool and focuses on the situation, analyzing things while also moving and fighting on instinct. He would rather fight with one hand, and keep the other in his pocket. He believes that most opponents are super weak and thus that fighting them is a hassle, so he does not even want to use Reiatsu or draw his sword for them. However, with rare exceptions, Kuroi will lose all composure and enter into a hate filled, joy filled, and rage filled blood lust with no distinguishable one emotion, and a contorted face that reveals just how much he will enjoy the kill. His power seems to triple during this phase, though in actuality he just grows far more aggressive.

    Kuroi's blood lust phase, in more detail, is something that can also pass as insanity. His eyes grow wide, his voice moves to yells, and he gains an insane, and rather creepy smile. Kuroi's teeth all the while seem bared and sharp, despite being normal. It is probably something to do with how much of a threat he poses in his blood lust, because injuries and setbacks do not phase Kuroi at all when he battles in the blood lust phase. Moreover, Kuroi is in terrible danger of getting himself killed because of the recklessness that comes with such a blood lust. In recent years, his bloodlust phase has been suppressed completely. Kuroi is able to ignore it on his own whim.

    Kuroi is far, far too arrogant. I am the best, I am the strongest, none is stronger than I, I am invincible, I cannot fail. Such slogans come to him like tears to an infant. Somehow, this makes Kuroi seem to have no ego, though probably because he hides most of his arrogance, until of course he meets an opponent.

    One of Kuroi's most central traits is a hatred of the Shinigami. If he could, he would invade and obliterate Seireitei. But, despite Kuroi's arrogance, even he knows that he is no match for all of the Captains and Shinigami of The Gotei Thirteen. Of course, Kuroi could always attempt it, and there is no doubt that he'd take out at least a few decent people, but it is unlikely that he'd get any farther than that. It is in recent years that he has learned how to give a confident smile during battle, and act more confidently than he did even before.

    Also coming to Kuroi in recent years, the obvious dignity that has come with a new rank appearing. Before, Kuroi was able to give the excuse that he liked to orchestrate things from the shadows, and the darkness. But of course, now he knows that that is stupid, and foolish. To really change things, one must step into the light. Kuroi has stepped into the light now, and has begun his direct assault of everything. He doesn't have any plans of stepping down any time soon.

    His confident smile still appears, though now he does have more confidence than before, and a direct charisma when it comes to the defeating of enemies. He knows that to change things, there is no reason for him to back down and slink into darkness, manipulating it from there. While once he believed it all added up, now he knows differently. It doesn't add up fast enough, nor does it do so efficiently enough. The best thing to do is to install one's mechanisms in the background, so that they work in the shadows while one is working in the light as well.

    Kuroi works in the light now, destroying threats, and obviously orchestrating the power of Hueco Mundo. But, having others installed in the shadows, Kuroi is now working on both frontiers. Kuroi won't stop until he has gotten what he wants.

    Kuroi is also starting to show new vestiges of true emotions. These vestiges include caring, and bonds. In light of this, Kuroi's newfound powers, attitudes, and other things have shown him the way to greatness. Against Kuroi, there are none that pose a threat anymore.

    Aspect of Death: Despair

    • Favorite Color | Venom green. Kuroi seems to gain a pleasure from venom and poisons, and he associates this to his favorite color of green. It is attributed mainly to his enjoyment in metaphorically poisoning the heart and soul of others, and watching them suffer painfully.

    Kuroi also just flat out enjoys watching people suffer physically, so this can also be contributed to the enjoyment that he would get from a victim convulsing at his feet as a powerful toxin makes it's way through their system and slowly destroys them.

    One: Suffering - Seeing enemies suffer. This is probably because Kuroi himself has suffered through so many things throughout both of his lives, as a human, and as a hollow. Therefore, a suffering enemy is a good enemy.

    Two: Water - It is tasteless, but simply pure. It is something that Hueco Mundo does not have, and thus Kuroi loves water, and would gladly lap up ever drop existing if he could, though water cannot be used to bargain with him.

    Three: The Moon - Kuroi traveled for many years under Hueco Mundo's skies, the moon being his only companion. Even to this very day, Kuroi loves the moon, and it's beauty. He enjoys staring at it, something many don't really understand well.

    Four: Animals - Kuroi loves and is very good with animals. Mainly, he likes their representation of what people can turn into, primitive and uncivil savages that have no minds at all.

    Five: Battle - Kuroi's entire personality is based from the start off of the events of WWII that he experienced as a human. Even as a hollow these things shape him. For this reason, Kuroi loves the thrill of battle, and he loves the feeling of satisfaction that he gains when he defeats or butchers a foe.

    Six: Blood - Kuroi loves the scent of blood. This goes with his love of battle, he likes the sight of blood as well, the look of it, just the thought of the crimson liquid spilling out of his foe because of wounds that he inflicted using his power, the loss of the liquid weakening his foe, and making them suffer.

    Seven: Boldness - Kuroi loves seeing this in others. Boldness, the trait that allows them to defy the natural order of things, and the ability to defy the law. He loves this because it helps contribute to one of his greatest likes of all, one of the things that could well make the top spot for the thing he loves most. . .

    Eight: Chaos - He loves chaos. Defying the natural order of things, offsetting the balance, turning things upside down for everyone, even himself. Chaos stimulates Kuroi, and just the sight of something chaotic, or the thought of chaos, is enough to send warmth throughout his body, and make him feel literally happy.

    Nine: Dogs - Kuroi loves animals, but he especially loves dogs. Something about their obedience hiding their true and vicious nature appeals to him. If Kuroi were ever transformed from a hollow into something else, there is no doubt that he would want to be a wolf or a dog or something along the lines of canine.

    Ten: Deception - Kuroi loves deceiving people. While he himself likes to receive the truth, he loves inflicting pain onto others through deception. Simply making them fall to the ground in anguish with nothing more then words and thoughts that he places into their minds makes Kuroi a very happy person.

    Eleven: Staring at the sky - Kuroi loves staring at the sky. It is a random like amid all of his depressing and negative other likes, but it is just a random past time that Kuroi went through as an adjuchas and Vasto Lorde when he was wandering alone, and got tired.

    Twelve: Despair - Kuroi loves the despair that some people will fear, the pain that they will experience. Kuroi is a menacing, and is an evil person. That is why, that is why despair is what he loves the most out of everything.

    Thirteen: Torture - Who doesn't like to torture people? Torture is fun, it's so great. To torture someone is to rip them to shreds either mentally or physically. Or both. One way or another, it's great to torture people.


    One: Love - This is the big dislike. Kuroi cannot stand seeing affection and love, because it is something that was denied to him in not just one life, but two. It is something he went without, and it is one of the largest reasons that he became a hollow in the first place. It's pretty funny that he dislikes it, as the vestiges of it are beginning to surface in his personality again.

    Two: Day Time - Kuroi loves the moon, but for that reason he hates day, because the moon isn't within view during the day time. Kuroi prefers to do everything at night.

    Three: Waiting - Kuroi hates waiting over anything. He hates being made to wait, and he has very little patience for tedious things, such as waiting in a line, or waiting to be called somewhere, or simply waiting to take action.

    Four: Hypocrites - Kuroi hates people that do things they say not to, or can't do things that they say others should and will. If someone says something, they should be able to back it up themselves, not cower like pathetic maggots and just make others do it.

    Five: Know-It-Alls - Kuroi hates people that believe they know everything. It seems sometimes as if he knows everything when he speaks, but it only seems this way when speaking of negative subjects. People that seem to know literally everything, and spill irrelevant and sometimes even untrue facts about stuff irritates Kuroi, and causes him to find a murderous mood within himself.

    Six: Fear - Kuroi hates Fear, what more can be said? He hates cowardice, he hates people that back out on things, and he hates fear in himself, with greatly limits his power and holds him back. Fearful comrades hold him back, his own fear holds him back, fearful enemies make the battle boring.

    Seven: Weak Impressionists - People who try to force impressions and opinions onto people that are more knowledgeable and more powerful than they are. Kuroi despises these people, and simply because their messages fall short from ears when the people delivering them are unfit to give such messages. It is almost like a first grader trying to teach a college professor.

    His only goal is to become the greatest existing swordsman. Kuroi is probably within the top ten swordsman, maybe even the top five. However, the top three remain out of his reach. One day, he will defeat all of these swordsmen in swordplay.

    Height/Weight: 6'1/192 lbs.

    Kuroi's shoulders begin at a certain, almost egotistical seeming broadness, his body bragging just a bit about the muscularity that is visible despite the outfit that he has adorned. It is almost uncanny how those of greatest power always turn out to seem, at least to some degree, "So good looking" as an old lady reminiscing would say. Of course, there are plenty of men more attractive than Kuroi, but of course it should also be noted that there are plenty of men less attractive than Kuroi. He is certainly better off than average, however.

    There was once a deep gashing scar on his back, inflicted years earlier by a fearsome opponent in a battle. This scar of Kuroi's wass large, bursting red, and plainly there. Of many markings that faded from his body over time, this one took a long time before it faded, and it seemed that it could be there forever. Inflicted by a vicious enemy that Kuroi once met in the sands of Hueco Mundo, this scar was what represented Kuroi's rise to the top. In recent years, it has faded. After all, with strength, Kuroi's code changed too. Scars on the back are a swordsman's shame.

    Kuroi's skin tone lies somewhere a bit hard to place. Pale, but not sheet white, and certainly tanned just a bit, but not quite what one would call absolutely noticeable. Perhaps, looking back, Kuroi's skin is basically like a Japanese average male's. In color, this seems to be fitting, though perhaps even the slightest tinge darker than this. Kuroi's constant exposure to wild sunlight in his human life left him with a complexion like this, though of course his lack of sunlight exposure in Hueco Mundo robbed him of a bit of tanning, as it does for most.

    Kuroi's toned muscles and powerful body indicate a physical existence within his prime. The arm muscles, toned and full of "ceps" and octaves of visible power are quite clearly muscular, plainly seen even if Kuroi doesn't flex. Though, it should be noted that the true steel might becomes apparent when he flexes. He isn't so muscular that veins explode out when he flexes, as such is simply disgusting, but Kuroi is at least someone that is well endowed with his muscular body.

    His chest is very well endowed, large and wide when one looks at his blazing strong pecks, iron and solid, powerful. Kuroi's stomach is of course toned and ground into steel, flexing or not, in a solid pack that is eight. An eight pack, as they say. His rigorous training and missions have put him into this sort of powerful muscular ability and physique. It is of course quite impressive. Were it not for his "charming" personality, certainly many girls wouldn't mind having him in bed. On the other hand, the "darker" women probably still wouldn't mind at all.

    Kuroi's training regiment that brought him to said physique includes 3000 daily push-ups, 5000 daily sit-ups, 2000 daily pull-ups, 10,000 daily squats and jumping jacks both, and other exercises. To practice his swordplay, Kuroi practices his kata sequences by swinging around a large, very lengthy bench press bar with quite a few weights attached to it. Though the initial weight varies, it's noted that Kuroi typically swings around over a hundred pounds as a total. His physical strength isn't the best among arrancar, as he focused on other aspects, but it's enough for him to swing his now "light" swords very quickly.

    Kuroi's head is averagely sized and shaped, with a gaunt shaping and cold, dark red eyes. His eyes are frightening even from first glance, menacing, emotionless, cold as stone or marble. The only emotion ever seen in his eyes is vague and mild interest. His feelings are absolutely hidden, and he has the eyes of a demon. Tenderness in his eyes is an improbability, and has typically only been noted towards one person existing, which could well be counted as a weakness.

    Kuroi's mouth is normal, but it bares no crinkles at all, not even slightly, which signifies that he rarely smiles. His hair is jet black, and short-medium, unruly and just growing out and thickening. It's a bit rough and fuzzy, but overall looks quite nice on him. On the other hand, when one says that he "rarely smiles", it should be considered that occasionally he gives a small, calm, confident smile as he is confident of his victory or success. Sometimes, he'll even give a wide grin for a good fight, or a good challenge. This grin of course is rare, as Kuroi seems to rarely consider things challenging.

    Though in later years he has indeed learned what it is to feel hatred, and rage, he uses them from an unemotional standpoint. He uses them as tools to help magnify his aggression, and inflict pain and injury on his enemies. Essentially, Kuroi does not exactly have a particular emotion that he shows. Perhaps it is arrogance, perhaps impertinence. In reality, Kuroi does smile sometimes, but most of the time he is calm, reserved, and cold. Most of the time, he is devoid of most emotions other than things like this.

    Kuroi wears dark black dress shoes, as well as black dress pants with pockets. He wears a long, white, and buttoned up khaki shirt over his torso, and over that he wears a black three button blazer suit jacket, unbuttoned. He is generally seen with his hands in his pockets. Kuroi's Zanpakuto is kept within a dark black glove that he wears over his right hand. These are special "summoning gloves", and it is a special type of silk as well. These allow him to pull his Zanpakuto out of his reiatsu, as in fact Kuroi is the only known arrancar capable of containing his own Zanpakuto inside of himself. He has two gloves, one on each hand, and a spare glove within the folds of his suit.

    Across his body Kuroi once had scars from parts of his Ressurection, which had embedded scars on him. Now however, in recent years, they have come to fade, and can no longer be seen. This is because Kuroi's power has eroded them, and he has surpassed his previous self. But, he also has other things. Directly visible around Kuroi's hollow hole, which is located on the center of his chest, is a pattern of three black stars, set in a triangular position. It isn't certain exactly what the stars are, though Kuroi himself actually knows. Nobody else has figured out what the stars mean around Kuroi's hollow hole.

    He is young looking, ranging from at around 24, though his age very difficult to determine. It can be assumed from his appearance and apparent age that he is in his physical prime, even though as a being he is far older then his appearance lets on. Still, one cannot deny that Kuroi is also good looking, and a significant catch to the ladies[and some of the homosexual men.] However, he has no interest in these things since he still holds the memories of pain from his human life. And, due to the general lack of emotion, any attraction that Kuroi poses tends to wither away very quickly.

    Of course, being good looking is no good if one does not take advantage of it. Most will actually find Kuroi rather unappealing because of the fact that he is adamantly bordered with his unemotional face, and the monotone of cold ice that he displays. Essentially the fact that he is emotionless, cold, and negative all reflect badly on what people think of him. Then again, it doesn't matter since they are almost always constantly fearing him.

    In recent years, the position of his mask fragment has changed. His mask is a white fragment going around the behind of his left ear. His hair covers it. It was once something going across his chin, but that is no longer the case. Kuroi's mask fragment actually cannot be seen unless he shows it to someone. It's almost like an ear ring that's hard to see. It is from some kind of lion-like appearance. The reality behind his changed mask fragment location is his increase in strength, which made it smaller and less noticeable. Obviously of course, his mask fragment can be seen whenever his hair moves. And part of it, pointing at the earlobe like an ear ring, can of course be caught in view by anyone.

    Kuroi keeps his twin wakizashi stored in hidden pockets within his blazer, much unknown to most people. Kuroi has numerous weapons with which he deals with an enemy, meaning that he does not immediately use his Zanpakuto. However, when he summons his Zanpakuto, it is black reiatsu that extends out of his palm, and shapes into the blade that he kills with.

    Kuroi's reiatsu is predominantly black. However, it has a unique appearance. When Kuroi flares his reiatsu for dramatic effect or similar, it is swirls of black energy around his body, along with some gray and white steam, as well as black steam. On top of that, Kuroi's reiatsu seems to have some kind of dramatic "raven-like" appearance, for black ravens materialize out of his reiatsu, either made of energy, or appearing to be actual ravens, flying around him. Black feathers made of actual feather or made of reiatsu gently cascade all around Kuroi. He can even use this reiatsu as a distraction. His killing aura is unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

    Face Claim (Hibari Kyoya):

    Former Appearances:

    Adjuchas Appearance:
    During his Adjuchas life, Kuroi's appearance was rather simple. With well toned muscles across his four legs, and perfectly white and flawless skin, Kuroi would always walk under the pale moonlight. His claws were sharp on all fours, and his tail was long, with spikes at the very end. His eyes never changed, and his mane was black as the sky of Hueco Mundo. During this time, Kuroi's hollow hole was located on the small of his back.

    His head/face/mask was a skeletal lion, and the teeth were almost always dripping with green blood; the blood of regular hollows. However, on occasion, red blood would become visible. Arrancar did indeed fall prey to Kuroi, even when he was a mere Adjuchas. Though in his time, Kuroi looked menacing, that was nothing compared to what he eventually turned into. The eventual appearance that he developed was even more menacing.

    Vasto Lorde Appearance:
    As a Vasto Lorde, Kuroi looked almost god-like. He had his well toned muscles, and perfectly white skin. The mask had not changed, and it stayed completely the same. His hollow hole was located on the center of his chest, and his hands were clawed, feet as well with black fur on the ankles. Black flame patterns were constantly visible tattoo-like across Kuroi's entire body. He was truly a sight to behold.

    He had his spiked tail, he kept his lion's mane. Kuroi was a Vasto Lorde of incredible power. But, there was always something different about him. Even as a Vasto Lorde, he was a bit strong for his level. One day, he woke up with a black star tattoo visible above his hollow hole. Kuroi was uncertain of what it was. He continued forwards, and eventually became more developed.

    [FIGHTING SKILLS:] Kuroi Shingetsu has spent the last few years honing his own abilities, and training himself to become a warrior unrivaled. He is a master, and his style is based off of numerous styles, unique, strong. He is master in four types of sword play, as well as two different martial arts. Though Kuroi does not use or wield any unique and exotic weapons, the mastery that he displays with his regular weapons does indeed signify that he has no need for exotic powers or weapons to win, and that he is simply a maelstrom of power and strength.

    The first part of Kuroi's style is the way he operates. Like a machine. A machine is efficient and strong at all times. If a machine breaks, then it is obsolete. A machine is constantly running with a stamina and efficiency that a person never has, and an unbiased judgment that a person never has as well. Machines are without emotion, operating in such a way that there is no such thing as emotional clouding. There is no such thing as emotion in a machine, there is only efficiency. A machine must also do things fast, faster than if a person tries to do it.

    That is Kuroi's policy as a machine. He moves with great speed, and his attacks and movements are all efficient. He does not waste energy, but he does not use too little either. Each attack serves a purpose, nothing is useless. Reiatsu should not be wasted either, for it is exceedingly difficult to regenerate it quickly. The machine-like quality provided also allows Kuroi to have absolute power over his opponents. This means that he always knows how to deal with them.

    In Kuroi's case, this means that the way he gauges them also allows him to gauge what kind of energy he should be expending. This mean even entail that he toy with some people. Weaker enemies, he will not use a blade against. Those kinds of enemies will fight a Kuroi that keeps one hand in his pocket, and simply attacks and defends with one hand, not even drawing out a blade. This can frustrate enemies, cause them to miscalculate. But, worse than this, it can cause people to commit suicide because of the realization that they will not defeat Kuroi.

    Kuroi's mind works like a computer since his body works like a machine. Efficient, without bias or emotion. It is always scanning and analyzing a battle emotionlessly. Kuroi gauges the threat level of an enemy, and may let them live if they are weak enough, and will never rise to his level. His computer-like mind allows him to quickly regard an entire situation in a split second, or quickly jump to quick movement, instinctively reacting to the spur of the moment. It is this function of his mind which allows him to determine the best way to attack, the best sequence or combo to use, the best way to defend, all in a split second.

    The next part of Kuroi's fighting style lies in his mastery of swords. The mastery of the blade is not a thing to be taken lightly, and most never get to be a master swordsman. He uses his blade for the first style, traditional to that of a samurai. Basically what this means is that Kuroi's blade wielding follows the same type of wielding that a samurai would, except of course that Kuroi does things with a one handed grip on his sword. The mastery generally makes it hard to duel with Kuroi, and so those who try will probably meet a quick and painful end.

    As swordplay requires, Kuroi has mastered numerous kata, or sequences. He can branch off from one combination of hits to another, effectively combining kata, and breaking off in the middle of a sequence to perform a different one. He has thousands of possible combinations because of his kata. Since his skill is so great, he dispatches enemies at an alarming rate. One observer noted that Kuroi cut down an enemy before he could even finish blinking. By the time the observer was halfway done blinking, the enemy was on the ground in pieces. When the blink was completed, Kuroi's sword was once more sheathed.

    When fighting, Kuroi can dismantle, dismember, or completely rip apart an enemy with his sword. Now, as to how he does this, the answer is obvious. The fact that he has mastered his sword so much means that he can wield it to such a degree that if he wanted to he could combine all of his sequences and perform hundreds of movements in a relatively quick time frame. He can branch off whenever, and he can combo any of his moves and sequences whenever.

    For this part of Kuroi's style, the majority of his attacks are slashing. This is because only an amateur stabs when an enemy is not critically injured, or weakened. When stabbing, the sword can get stuck in the enemy. Obviously, this is bad. When pulling it out, the user is open to attacks. If the user leaves behind their weapon, they have been disarmed because of their own idiocy. Therefore, stabbing is not a very good choice of attack. Slashing is much more beneficial, efficient, and wise to do. That is why Kuroi employs slashing with most of his attacks and sequences. To see him stab is very rare. Also, Kuroi has indeed crafted unfamiliar sequences to throw people off, attacking along angles and directions that confuse enemies into misinterpreting the attack. This custom part of his style is what usually allows him to score hits.

    The second part of his sword based ability comes from the ability to wield daisho, with a katana and wakizashi. He rarely does this, but he has mastered the art, just in case he has to do it. Daisho translates into Big Blade, Little Blade; a style that has the user dual wield with a long sword and a short sword, Katana and Wakizashi. This opens up all sorts of combinations, but many have claimed that it is more successful to attempt two blades of similar or equal length, rather than opposing length.

    When using these two blades in combination, many possibilities are opened up to Kuroi. When a single, double sided sword is wielded, possibilities close, and many movements become stabs instead of slashes. When you know where one blade is, you automatically know the position of the other. The possibilities are easy to counteract, and you can quite often beat that person fairly easily if you are experienced with the blade. But, with daisho, there are many more possibilities. The enemy does not know the position of both blades from knowing the position of one. The amount of kata sequences and various possible combinations is much higher than a single blade.

    Generally, Kuroi does not favor either of the blades for attack or defense. The little blade is used for a quick jabbing stab whenever it attacks, though on occasion he does slash with it, usually to dismember his enemy. The long sword is used for rapid slashes and strikes, formed in great sequences that the enemy has a hard time fighting off. While they're being made to fight this, the small blade can simply come in and attack. It isn't the greatest thing to be facing Kuroi's daisho.

    Also, the wakizashi can be used for some Arrancar means. Kuroi is capable of channeling Bala and Cero through the blade, firing them out the tip. However, several arrancar can probably do this with their swords. What makes Kuroi's different is that the shape is different when this happens. He has a special technique when firing Cero out of the blade tips like that, which causes the Cero to become shaped like an enormous blade itself, capable of carving through other attacks, instead of just incinerating things. The Bala can also become a blade shape, also capable of carving things up.

    The next part of Kuroi's fighting style is very similar to Daisho. This is simply dual wielding; meaning that he uses two long swords, katana blades of equal length. Much more comfortable than Daisho, now the combinations and sequences of the long sword can be used by both blades. But, better yet, the combinations can be broken off still, and Kuroi can generate brand new ones. With this, he has even more new possibilities, unique and custom ones as well. Most enemies will not live to see the sun rise again if they are victim to Kuroi using this style.

    While most wield the two blades to attack from different angles at each time, Kuroi spins the blades around an enemy with intense skill. Essentially, the way Kuroi wields it means that the enemy's movement is limited, or they will get cut. It is like he wields 8 blades rather than 2, and enemies will perceive it this way. The intense speed that Kuroi has for his movement is an indication that he can flick his blades around incredibly fast. He can also scissor an enemy's weapon to break it or disarm the foe. This means that they must be careful when trying to guard against Kuroi.

    The simplicity of this is that Kuroi can now break his rule of no stabbing. If he slashes someone, and they go to block, he can stab into their hand as they attempt to block. After ripping his blade out of their hand, he will have neutralized that hand. It may even be their main weapon hand, which will mean that they can no longer properly fight him on even terms. Kuroi is right handed, but he has trained his left hand well enough that he can wield his blades almost equally. He cannot wield a single blade equally between right and left, but he can wield two equally.

    The final part of Kuroi's sword wielding brings him to using a special variety of wielding, ten blades at once. The problem enemies will have with this it Kuroi's increased capability to stab, not slash. Slashes are easy to block, but with this style it is the stabs that are dominant. There are ten stabbing blades that must be blocked. Most enemies will be unable to block this, and thus they will take severe injuries with each and every launched attack. It should be noted that Kuroi can use any number of blades from one to ten. It doesn't necessarily have to be ten. It's preferred that they're all the same length, but they don't have to be.

    On top of that, Kuroi's maneuvering capabilities and his speed allow him to quickly get in three or four strikes with this ten bladed style in the time it would take someone to do one or two. But, since there are ten blades with each strike, this means that the enemy is actually attempting to guard against approximately thirty or forty strikes. It is damn near impossible to guard against, which means that Kuroi will quickly finish an adversary when he uses this style of ten blades. Kuroi can also use a tiger hook sword rather well.

    Racial Abilities:

    Bala (虚弾 (バラ), Bara; Spanish for "Bullet," Japanese for "Hollow Bullet") a technique of firing his hardened spiritual pressure against his enemies. Less powerful than a Cero, but it can be successively fired at 20 times the rate.

    Cero (虚閃 (セロ), Sero; Spanish for "Zero," Japanese for "Hollow Flash," "Doom Blast" in the Viz translation) a powerful spiritual light fired by Menos Grandes and Arrancar.

    Descorrer (解空(デスコレール), Desukorēru; Japanese for "Loosed Void", Spanish for "Drawing Back/Opening"): A technique used by Espada-level Arrancar and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo.

    Garganta (黒腔 (ガルガンタ), Garuganta; Spanish for "Throat", Japanese for "Black Cavity") is how Arrancar and Hollows are able to move in and out from Hueco Mundo. It is a spiritual pathway connecting the Arrancar's world, Hueco Mundo, to other worlds. Besides the World of the Living and the Soul Society, it can also open the gates of the Dangai and K-World. A turbulence of Reishi blows within Garganta. To move through it, travellers must create footholds using the Reishi.

    Garganta Broadcast: a visual broadcast similar to a television screen, created by using individual Garganta portals. Ulquiorra Cifer does this in order to show the current predicament of Orihime Inoue's friends (Ichigo Kurosaki, Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Rangiku Matsumoto) fighting their respective battles.[6] It is unknown if he could create as many as desired, or if three broadcasts are his limit.

    Hierro (鋼皮 (イエロ), Iero; Spanish for "Iron," Japanese for "Steel Skin") An Arrancar's outer skin with high spiritual hardness that serves as armor.

    Pesquisa (探査回路 (ペスキサ), Pesukisa; Spanish for "Inquiry," Japanese for "Probe Circuit") An Arrancar ability to measure and locate spiritual pressure.

    Sonído (響転 (ソニード), Sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound," Japanese for "Sound Ceremony") The Arrancar equivalent to a Shinigami's Shunpo.

    High-Speed Regeneration (超速再生, Chōsoku Saisei; lit. "Ultra-Fast Regeneration") High-Speed Regeneration allows Hollows to recover from any damage they sustain by causing them to heal at a drastically increased rate, closing the wounds on their body and growing back any lost limbs within extremely short periods of time. Despite the many benefits it provides, most Hollows choose to abandon this ability when they become Arrancar in exchange for a greater amount of power.[1] Regardless, when Arrancar use their Resurrección, their wounds instantly heal.[2][3] While this ability to regenerate is indeed powerful, it is not without its flaws. Despite the extent to which it can heal the body, internal organs, such as the brain, cannot be regenerated; if such irreparable damage is sustained, the rest of the body can continue to regenerate, though to no avail.[1][4] In addition, if the body is damaged before it has the chance to heal, or if enough damage is inflicted at once, it can be destroyed nonetheless.


    Appearance: When in Ressurection, Kuroi becomes encased in a black scaly suit that covers his whole body except for his feet, hands, neck, and head. His eyes transfigure into a solid black, while his hair grows spiked, and elongates until it goes past his shoulders and becomes medium length. His pupils turn a dim, glowing red color to add to the scary effect. His hands turn black and clawed, as do his feet, but it is obvious that they are not apart of the scaled suit covering him. Small slits on the top of his wrists are existent, but barely visible.

    There are many markings and runes on the armoring suit, most of them a silver lining to create symbols. They used to be dulling, but have somehow replenished fully. However, they have also permanently wreaked something else on Kuroi's appearance, which is revealed without his Ressurection. The symbols are of an arcane, and ancient language that not even Kuroi knows fully. On the arms, the symbols are identical. There are six in total, and they are read from left to right, displayed horizontally from shoulder to wrist. The first symbol is a cross with what appears to be an eagle's wing outline coming from the very top of the cross. This symbol stands for Strength, one of Kuroi's mostly highlighted values. The second is a circle with seven dots forming a tri-spike in the center, with a triangle in the background. This symbol stands for Wealth. It is not something Kuroi really values, but he knows it's value none the less. Wealth is a means to an end. Wealth can give power in multiple ways, and it can buy valuable information. The third symbol is a cubic design with pyramids inside each face. This symbol stands for Stealth, which is the key mark of the assassin, and something that Kuroi came to value as a sniper during WWII. The fourth symbol is in rhe shape of a flame, and it had an inner flame at the center, both simply being outlines made of silver lining. This symbol stands for Bravery, which Kuroi knows is required to live the life of a hollow. Bravery, Courage, Heartlessness. Those are all key in this part of Kuroi's thoughts. The fifth symbol is significantly complicated. It is a bow with all of the previous four symbols located in between the bow and string, with an arrow notched, but not pulled back. The arrow is covered in an outline of flames. This symbol means Knowledge. Knowledge is power. Cunning and intelligence are the very roots of strength, and these can be used to overturn even a God. The final symbol is very simple. It is a skull with flames in the eye sockets, meant to symbolize the Death that Kuroi will inflict upon all of his foes.

    There are arcane symbols on Kuroi's legs and chest as well. The legs only have four symbols. Both legs have the same symbols, read from top to bottom, and displayed vertically from the thighs to the shin. The leg symbols do not represent things that Kuroi values, but things that Kuroi despises and vows to destroy, should a foe possess them. The first symbol is two crossing blades with an odd character in the center. Simple enough, and it represents Failure. It is not something a foe will particularly have, though Kuroi will gladly damn a foe to Failure, and destroy them completely. The second symbol is a mere square, representing Light. Kuroi despises the light, because he lives in the darkness, his only light being the moon's shine. The third symbol is a circumpact with a skull at the center instead of a dot. This represents Fear, something that Kuroi has, but shoves down into the bottom of his soul, and resists no matter what. People that show their fear and let it control them disgust Kuroi over all things. The final symbol is a crescent, representing an incomplete moon. Having come to know the full moon as a companion, Kuroi despises anything less then the full moon.

    The symbols of the arms and legs are also adorned more then once and indiscriminantly random all across the light scaly plating of the torso, with one unique symbol on the belly button area. The unique symbol is the outline of a dragon, and it is completely unknown even to Kuroi exactly what it represents. His best guess is that it represents Hatred or Anger, or something negative along those lines. The symbol is very detailed, despite being very small, and makes out everything almost like a tattoo fashioned completely from silver.

    Kuroi's claws are viciously sharp, and they shine in moonlight. They glint like savage knives, and they curve like an eagle's talons. They are truly fearful to see, and they can be used as weapons just like Kuroi's blades can, though they are rather ineffective compared to blades. They can still be used to slash, and Kuroi can use them if he feels like fighting like a wild animal. The claws are majestic, and have a small green glint at the tips, almost as if they contain poison, which they do not. However, the appearance is enough to make enemies try to evade the claws. It is enough to tell them that Kuroi is dangerous, and that messing with him is not the best idea.

    Kuroi's eyes hold more then scary looks and utter cold and disdain. The eyes have an odd, unique trait about them. The appearance is almost like an illusion really, indescribable unless experienced, but when looking at the eyes, one gains the impression of seeing Kuroi's entire life story, almost as if seeing all of the negative and depressing moments. Simply, it forces a feeling of negativity onto all onlookers, who truly recognize just how much of an antagonist Kuroi really is, and how much he hates the world and nearly everything in it.

    The slits are like deep holes visible beneath skin flaps, almost as if long blades were stabbed deeply into Kuroi's arms, though no such thing ever occurred. The slits contain all of Kuroi's Ressurection Abilities, making it so that Kuroi relies on his arms primarily in combat. Still, nothing is a better tool than the mind, something Kuroi learned all too well.

    Kuroi's hair is rather spiky when in Ressurection, but not without just cause. The spikes have silvery tips, and the hair appears as if it can stab like metal. Mainly, it wards off mindless enemies that think screwing with Kuroi is a good idea. The hair and claws are both essential to the element of fear that is supposed to be given enemies when they look at Kuroi. All in all, Kuroi's entire appearance and image in Ressurection are supposed to chill an opponent's spine, make them fear him, and even make them run away from battle. Weaker opponents will almost always do this, with the exception of foolish bravery, and great stupidity.

    Ability: Kuroi's powers are mainly physical, and he generally does not use a terribly high amount of Reiatsu. This is only his Ressurection however. His overall abilities include Speed and Cero usage. He is particularly adept at quick movement, making him a dangerous foe to face in battle. His abilities with Cero do not extend generally to knowing lots of Cero, but to having a powerful Cero, and the few Cero he does know being incredibly vicious. Kuroi is prone to having lots of attacks that would aid him with melee fighting. Hierro helps defend him against damage, while his quick speed gives him an upperhand in combat. His Ressurection is mainly soldier/assassin blade combat.

    It is called "Battle Advantage." Essentially, Kuroi creates powerful weapons with special properties for negating defenses or striking even through evasions. This means he causes himself to fight at his fullest with unbelievably strong weapons. Meanwhile, he uses other techniques and weapons to make his opponent weaker. In Primera Etapa, he has two techniques to enhance his battle ability, and two to drain his opponent's. In terms of overall, Kuroi is also able to generate weapons in general, though this is limited to swords. His wrist slits allow him to release black blades for use as wrist blade types. These can be made of his own reiatsu, and glow as black blades of reiatsu, or they can be black steel blades. He can also just flat out release them as actual swords with hilts, if he so desires. Kuroi has learned also how to release these swords from his wrist slits, to send them at enemies as projectiles.


    Name: Grande Podrido
    Description: A whole new technique type to Kuroi, this was a later creation in his release. This technique does not activate directly with his release. He must manually activate it for a large reiatsu cost and even more for it to remain active during high speed regeneration. Once activated, it fortifies the armor over his body! This becomes clear because "X" markings of some sort of tribal tattoos form over his torso (chest), shoulders, wrists, and thighs. This is what reveals activation of this technique. It fortifies the armor that he is wearing, and it gives him defensive power. It doubles the reiatsu strength behind his Hierro. Essentially, Kuroi magnifies his defensive power with this technique. However, more than this, it does one other thing. It causes his Hierro to extend to the inside of his body too, making him immune to "transfer attacks" which attack internals, like air strikes. It's a whole new game plan for those who are combating him. An entirely new playing field has been created as a result of this.

    Disadvantages: Drawbacks aren't tremendously high for this technique. It is exhausting to use in general, but exhausting also to maintain this defense. Kuroi will fatigue much quicker than normal by using this power. Then again, Kuroi is still much stronger than previously as a result of this. Instead of having generally useless "second weapon techniques" which become obsolete in the face of the technique called Taiyou Ken, Kuroi can now utilize this technique to his advantage. Besides this however, it costs a incredible amount of reiatsu. For this single technique, which only enhances defense, this is quite incredible. It has no real destructive value, and defensive value is based on the user's already existing latent strength. To begin with, it costs more than activating Ressurection itself. It has a duration of 3 posts and a cooldown of 5 posts.

    Name: Taiyou Ken
    Description: The second ability is much more powerful than any of the other blade based abilities. It is an ace in the hole move, one that abandons any ability to be stealthy, and many other important aspects, devoting all purely to power. Kuroi's wrist slits releasing twin hilts made of the same black substance as the blades. These, once becoming gripped in Kuroi's hands, ignite with large, powerful white energy blades. The blades are wild, and the energy is constantly moving. Both blades can actually be focused into a more steady form, but that removes their signature ability. The signature ability is to be able to detonate them. The detonation is activated by a small button at the very bottom. There are only a few seconds before detonation once the button is pressed, the explosion that occurs is considered to be on par with a powerful cero, not Gran Rey level but very strong, the explosion is quite destructive and reaches a max radius of 10 metres in a perfect sphere meaning that if Kuroi doesn't throw it then it can harm him. The button itself is hidden until Kuroi determines he requires detonation of his blades. The focused version of the blades maximises their cutting capabilities, making it possible to even sheer through Reiatsu. The wild version emits mild heat, and is capable of blocking a lot more things then the first ability's blades, but overall it's effectiveness with damage isn't much greater. The downfall of this is that Kuroi can only generate 3 of these weapons per thread. He cannot generate them in two sets, he can only generate one set, and then a third blade if one of them is lost.

    Disadvantages: Again, it is true that there are already quite some drawbacks to the powers. But overall, these are not pure weaknesses. This time, the weakness is directly active to the usage of the ability. Kuroi must watch out for techniques that can overpower his weapons. While this ability can easily cut through a good amount of things, even Reiatsu, the proper way to stop this is simply to fortify and strengthen Reiatsu. Still, the weapon will pose a threat. The true weakness, lies in perhaps a way to detonate the blades while Kuroi wields them. A good Cero or something on par has quite a decent chance of actually striking and damaging the hilts should Kuroi try to defend, and the explosion mechanism will be disturbed, causing the detonation. This ability takes a huge amount of Reaitsu, and highly weakens it. As a result, it also weakens defense severely. When it comes down to it, the blades are heavy, so a large mass of his physical strength weaken. The swords last 5 posts the first time if they are not detonated first, 3 posts the second time and 1 post the third time. The swords have a cool down of 4 posts before being able to be formed again

    Name: Silencio Hazo
    Description: The third ability has no relations to blades, but it aids the quota of Kuroi's melee combat. Kuroi casts a dome from his palms, the dome transparent, but visible through a seeming warp of space all around. The dome is basically invisible, except for the surface, which constantly ripples like the water of a pond rippling because of droplets and rocks being dropped in. The dome is about a 20 meters high, and 10 meters far all around for 360 degrees. Everything inside of the dome is perceived much slower for Kuroi, effectively allowing him to react much faster and this gives off the illusion of him moving faster. The use of this doesn't affect the opponent's speed in anyway although many find Kuroi to appear much faster in this dome.

    Disadvantages: The dome can only be used three times. Each time it is used, it grows ever weaker. Also, Kuroi must remain within the dome at all times for it to be active. The dome can move, so long as Kuroi moves and remains in it as well. The dome can be shattered from the outside by a powerful Reiatsu using attack, such as high-powered Cero. Also, the dome only lasts for 5 posts duration with a 3 post cooldown. The second forming of the dome has a duration of 2 with a 4 post cooldown and the last time lasting 1 post. Also, Kuroi needs to have concentration. So, if a foe lands a good hit on him, the dome will be destroyed. Exhausts Reiatsu. Also, Kuroi must be touching his blade [must be using one of his various blade types] to remain immune to the dome's effect. An opponent could grab one of Kuroi's blades to also become immune for a bit.

    Name: Silencio Hazo Genrai
    Description: The fourth ability generates very odd, transparent blades on Kuroi's wrists. They hum with power and reiatsu, and seem to emit a cold aura. The blades have a single purpose and power. Yes, they can cut opponents and other things, but that is not their main purpose. Their purpose is to slow down enemies. Every time the blades make contact with an enemy, they lose some speed. A light touch, no matter how minor, will result in a very small loss. A shallow cut will result in a small loss. A deep cut will result in a average loss etc.

    Disadvantages: Both blades can only be generated three times each. Each time it is generated anew, it grows ever weaker. Also, the blades only last for 3 posts with a 3 post cool down Also, Kuroi needs to have concentration. So, if a foe lands a good hit on him, the blades will be destroyed. Exhausts Reiatsu.

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    [COMPLETE] Kuroi Shingetsu Empty Re: [COMPLETE] Kuroi Shingetsu

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    Appearance: Whereas before Kuroi wore the armoring, scale-like armor with the wrist slits in the armor only, now he no longer wears armor. His clothing is all gone, except for simple black pants. His feet and hands are both clawed with razor sharp blades, almost like talons made of steel. The blades are made of a sharp, black, bone-like substance. Kuroi definitely further resembles his Adjuchas form, for now his mask is actually half materialized over his face, a lion skull mask with a solid, glowing red eye. The mask moves with his face naturally. Kuroi's body is covered in obsidian, and arcane runes that formerly adorned his Resurreccion's armor. In Resurreccion, the runes are now gone. [Part of subplot.] Rather, they are now scars on his body, and they are permanent, even outside of Ressurection. Kuroi's eyes have changed, gaining black cornea, and gold iris. His pupils have gone black again, and his hair has become a shining, spiky blood red that surrounds his head like a lion's mane, and goes to his shoulders.

    Kuroi has grown a large, spiked tail as well. It is a lion's tail with spikes on it, the spikes made of the same substance as the talons that Kuroi possesses. As opposed to his Adjuchas form however, Kuroi has also grown wings. The wings are large, and demonic. They are like a demon's wings, so shaped after the wings of a bat. They are a blood red color. Kuroi's skin has paled, becoming a ghostly white. Kuroi's overall appearance has become something so terrifying, that one cannot help but cower simply by a sideglance at him. Also, the wrist slits from his previous ability are now embedded painfully into his skin.

    Ability: Segunda Etapta Overall Ability: Kuroi's true ability is the power to weaken his opponent while battling them at his near fullest. Essentially, Kuroi has three abilities in Segunda Etapta. They are all powerful, but most of them are merely expansions of earlier abilities that he held in Resurreccion. Also, the first ability from Kuroi's Resurreccion has been replaced by the talons and tail that he has gained, which he can simply use to inflict damage in a way just as effective as that ability. Basically, Kuroi's entire overall power lies in weakening the foe. As a side, he arms himself with powerful weapons that allow him to fight with a soldier-like quality, since he indeed was one as a human. This Segunda Etapa, as opposed to his previous stage, adds to his speed. This isn't a technique or real ability, it's the result of his wings. His speed goes up drastically because of them.

    "Battle Advantage" basically makes Kuroi stronger and the opponent weaker. That's his ability! Before, he gave himself stronger weapons, and took away speed. In Segunda Etapa, he gives himself powerful weapons, and takes away the ability to use reiatsu. He's quite a powerful Arrancar as a result of this. Kuroi is still able to generate swords from his wrist slits, but he is also able to elongate his talons, which are made of steel, or retract them. They can be normal at six inches long or a little less, or they can go up to a meter in length, and become like sword blades. He can even eject his talons as swords! Kuroi is quite a battle to face, certainly. He is indeed a powerhouse.

    Techniques: Posted Later when applicable.


    Item Name: Summoning Gloves
    Item Description: A special type of black silk glove created specifically for Kuroi. Kuroi is the only known arrancar capable of containing his Zanpakuto within his body as part of his reiatsu. However, Kuroi is unable to summon it himself without costing reiatsu. His only method is to generate it inside of his Cero. Therefore, he developed these gloves, which allow him to harness his own reiatsu, and generate his Zanpakuto in his hand from his merciless black reiatsu.

    Item Name: Storage Ring
    Item Description: This is a rather cool looking ring. It's silver and black in color, and obviously metallic looking. It's worn on Kuroi's right hand Ring Finger, and it has some kind of small slot to hold a small, flat object. The small flat object held is a small purple gem. This is essentially a Ring that Kuroi wears. The ability of this Ring is rather simple. It stores items, and that's Kuroi's Tiger Hook Sword, Throwing Knives, extra swords etc. He keeps the blades stored within this Ring, so that he can summon them at any time, but not have to bare the hassle of carrying it around in a sheathe all the time, everywhere he goes. Swords and extra weaponry are heavy and not very portable.

    [HISTORY:] Kuroi Shingetsu was born in 1790 to Caucasian parents. Both were Americans, and their original names were Nate River and Sara Johnson. However, upon moving to Japan a year before Kuroi's birth, the two quickly renamed themselves so that they could fit in better. They gave Kuroi a Japanese name as well. Being a foreigner, Kuroi had some trouble making friends. Kuroi was soon picked on constantly. He hated being picked on, but there was really nothing that he could do about it, the bully was a lot bigger than he was, and probably stronger too. Kuroi got pushed around, and eventually he got tired of it. He went out, and started looking for someone that could teach him the basics of fighting. It didn't take him long before he located a man called Shizu Koban.

    Shizu Koban taught Kuroi how to fight decently over the course of the next month. He gave him enough skills to confront and fight the bully. Kuroi returned to school, bigger, stronger, more confident than ever. There, he demanded for the bully to fight him later, after schoolling. The bully agreed, and as the day of schooling and education ended, Kuroi and The Bully went off to behind a nearby building in order to square off. They did it with many people watching, which was what created a tragic ending to what should've been a happy ending later.

    Confrontation with Bully:
    Kuroi pulled up his fists, and planted his feet, sending the power down into his legs and hips as he bent his knees. He took on a horse stance, and smashed his fists together, before raising them up in front of his face. Despite being prepared over the last few months, Kuroi still had doubts. The bully was twice his size, at least, and easily twice his weight as well. Kuroi would have a very difficult time despite his skills. He was confident, but not confident enough to believe that he'd get out of this fight unscathed. Kuroi wanted to get out unscathed, though he knew he wouldn't.

    "Are you ready for defeat?" Kuroi asked. The Bully grinned. "I will disgrace your family with this victory." he said. Kuroi bounded forwards, punching the Bully straight in the face. A shattering noise occurred, followed by a spray of blood. The Bully grabbed Kuroi out of the air, and shoved him into the ground, starting to punch his face. Kuroi looked up. He'd broken The Bully's nose. Kuroi felt a flame of pride roar through his body, stopping all of the pain that the Bully was inflicting on him.

    Kuroi shoved the Bully off, and stood up. He dove at his enemy, double kicking him in the chest, and launching off. He back flipped in mid air, landing on his feet. He charged forward again, and punched The Bully in the face once more. "I AM TIRED OF YOU DISHONORING ME!" Kuroi shouted. "TODAY I WILL DISHONOR YOU IN FRONT OF ONE HUNDRED OF OUR PIERS!" He began rapidly punching the Bully in the face, before rolling off, and grabbing the Bully's left arm.

    Kuroi secured his palm in a press against the elbow, and locked his arm around the wrist. He pushed on both, opposing forces pressing on the arm. Within a few moments, a snapping sound occurred, and The Bully screamed as his arm was broken. Kuroi quickly punched his open mouth, knocking out a couple of teeth to shut him up. Kuroi went to the other arm, and locked that too. He broke that arm as well, issuing screams from the Bully.

    Kuroi next moved to the left leg, securing the knee joint and the ankle. He pushed, and snapped the leg, breaking it as the Bully screamed in his obvious pain. Kuroi wasn't done yet. He was going to break all of the Bully's limbs. "This is what happens!" he shouted. He broke the Bully's other leg as well, fulfilling the defeat. Kuroi quickly stood up, and kicked the Bully in the head as hard as he could.

    There was stunned silence, and people began backing away. "You're a freak!" someone exclaimed. "What have you done?!" another demanded. Kuroi was shocked, horrified. Why was everyone doing this to him?! He'd thought that he was proving himself in honor! Everybody hated him for it! What was the point of any of this at all?!

    Kuroi was ignored, isolated in a cold icy feeling by everyone that he knew. Nobody would speak to him, or even look at him. Kuroi simply did not exist to anybody else it seemed. As a result, he grew depressed, and he grew tired of living in that time period. He decided that he must die, simply to put himself out of his misery. They rejected him, causing him to go off and try to bury himself in ice. He was frozen, and somehow lived through the ice. It was uncertain how, for scientifically it was known that he should not have survived that. He awoke over a hundred years later, still a child. He wandered to an orphanage in Japan, where he was quickly taken in. After a year or so there, Kuroi was taken in by new parents. He was happy, people actually accepted him.

    He had trouble adjusting and making more friends, but that did not stop him from making two best friends, Miharu Jonuchi and Shikisan Kokaru, along with his dog Candy. Kuroi grew up with a normal childhood for the most part. When Candy died of old age, he was crushed, utterly saddened. This incident however, brought him even closer to one of his two best friends, Miharu Jonuchi. The two of them started dating, and on numerous occasions expressed their love to each other physically. After over ten years of dating, Kuroi selected his other friend, Shikisan, as his best man, and proposed to Miharu, who whole heartedly agreed. It was during that time however, that Kuroi was pulled into the Japanese Military to fight for land during the first World War. He came out as a Colonel then, and he settled with his family.

    War fragment:
    Kuroi hid behind a large rock, holding his gun. In this world, there is no God. All religion is wrong. I am here, away from my family, fighting for a cause that I do not even believe in myself. Kuroi propped himself up, aimed at someone's head, and fired. The bullet lodged into their forehead, spraying blood everywhere. Kuroi ducked back down, the spray of bullets that came after him hitting the rock instead. Kuroi moved back up, and started shooting again.

    He took two more people, before at last a bullet struck him in the shoulder. Kuroi cried out in pain, and dropped behind the rock. "KEEP FIGHTING FOR THE GLORY OF JAPAN AND FOR OUR GREAT EMPEROR!" someone shouted near Kuroi, obviously seeing him take the injury. Kuroi, forced to do this, took out a tool, and began fishing painfully through his wound with tweezers.

    He pulled the bullet out, and tossed it aside. He put the tweezers away, and went back to shooting. The pain made Kuroi slightly delirious, made it painful to move his arm and squeeze the trigger. His aim was slightly off, shooting was becoming difficult. Soon, the war would consume and kill Kuroi if he was not treated. He ripped part of his shirt off, and tightened it in a bandage around his wound, making sure to do this so that he did not end up dying of blood loss.

    Kuroi went back to shooting, and took out several more people. He then ran out of bullets, and out of clips. Kuroi cursed, and, taking his bayonet, rushed out from hiding. "FOR JAPAN!" he shouted, stabbing his bayonet into someone's heart. He ripped it out, snapping the bayonet cleanly off of his gun and slashing at someone else's throat with it. Kuroi was covered in blood. He was suddenly tackled by someone, and he began stabbing at them with the bayonet snappage. The person knocked the bayonet out of his hand, and Kuroi whipped out his knife.

    He began slashing violently, but he was parried by a knife as well. Kuroi flipped the person off of him, and stabbed. By unfortunate chance, a bullet hit Kuroi dead in the gut, and he screamed, dropping to his knees in pain, and crumpling to the floor. The person had a chance to get up, and attack Kuroi again. He weakly parried and moved away, barely defending himself. However, by chance, his adversary was also hit by a bullet. Kuroi, rejoicing in his luck, shoved his blade into his enemy's forehead. He left it there, and latched onto another nearby enemy.

    He wrapped his hands around his enemy's neck, and began to squeeze. The person that he was strangling reached up for him as well, but Kuroi was incredibly overpowering despite being injured. He continued his assault over the person, and within mere seconds, the person that Kuroi had been strangling was dead. This was good. Kuroi had managed to kill the person. Still, war was difficult.

    Kuroi spent many happy years in both his marriage, and with a child that he and Miharu conceived. Eventually however, Kuroi was called away once more, this time to face American Forces for WWII. Kuroi was proud to serve Japan, and he was even promoted to General. He promised Miharu that they'd never be separated again when he returned. While Kuroi was out however, The Atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, killing his friends and family. In rage, Kuroi attempted to murder several top class Japanese figures, whom he blamed since they did not back down when they had the chance. He failed, and was almost caught and arrested.

    WWII Fragment:
    "THOSE DOGS INVADE OUR HOME!" Kuroi shouted. "GO NOW, FOR THE GLORY OF JAPAN, AND KILL ALL OF THEM!" Japanese soldiers rushed out upon his command, going off to shoot at people. He wore his clothing, and he stood upon a tower. He seemed invincible, and his iron will allowed him to not budge a single inch no matter what happened. Stone hard discipline over several years allowed him to take anything that was thrown at him without much visible turmoil. Internally there was turmoil, but externally he was a fiery beacon for courage.

    "Focus your return cannon efforts on the ground behind their lines." Kuroi commanded confidently. "It does not matter if you hit any of them or not. Do not stop bombarding until I give the word." His voice was a thunderous blast, echoing to everyone's ears. And yet, the enemy was deaf to his commands, not knowing of his plans. A blade flew straight towards Kuroi, and his left hand flicked up, catching it an inch before it hit his eye. A bullet slammed into his arm dead on, and he hurled the blade away right after. He seemed undamaged as he returned his hands to the position before, and did not move back even a centimeter. His arm was bleeding and was visibly trembling a bit, but when he spoke, his voice held no pain. "Grenade Squad, break their lines in the top and bottom with your basic grenade launchers, then scatter the center with the more advanced rocket launchers." Kuroi looked around. War was going well.

    Kuroi managed to escape, and he went off to America, where he lived for a couple of years. He found a new girl, who he told of his exploits after some time of dating. Through a healing process of love and care, the girl brought Kuroi out of his depression, and he fell in love with her. He proposed to the girl, who refused him. Kuroi was crushed, but said he didn't want to lose her as a friend. Later, when the two of them visited Japan, she turned him over to The Japanese Authorities, who jailed him. Kuroi spent many cold years in Jail fending for himself, his hatred and anger growing. When he got out, he immediately went looking for the girl. Kuroi spent many months searching, and also looking for the reason why. It turned out that there had been a large reward for the one that could bring him in, and this shot pain through Kuroi. A loving friend, a girl that had cared for and nurtured him with such kindness, had turned out to be scum that would sell him out purely for money. Kuroi was disgusted, and he was infuriated.

    Kuroi spent only one more month looking for her. He started tracing her through means of her relatives, whom she had given very good details on during their friendship. It took Kuroi a while, and he ended up murdering most of her relatives that he visited, but at last, Kuroi was told which family member would know where she was. Kuroi found this family member, her great aunt, and convinced the great aunt to tell simply by threatening the life of the girl's sister, who was present at the time. Upon learning the location, he killed both the great aunt and sister, and left in further search.

    He found her at last, and he murdered her before shooting himself in the head. Kuroi was not certain exactly what happened. He vaguely remembered butchering her with a blade and skinning her alive while she was naked. He remembered shooting himself after doing this, and he remembered that he was dead. Kuroi died and became a spirit then, one with lots of emotional baggage. All of these negatives slowly consumed and corrupted him, turning into a large, and powerful hollow.

    Hollow Life

    As a hollow, Kuroi was constantly hungry. He went around eating many spirits, and even Shinigami that came to try and stop him. A total of 35 Shinigami fell to Kuroi's appetite, and at last, he became powerful enough to absorb other hollows. He found his way into Gillian Forest, where he himself became a Gillian, maintaining his personality. For a short time only Kuroi remained Gillian, for he devoured others with speed and strength that most hollows lacked. Eventually, Kuroi managed to evolve, and became an Adjuchas. He was a powerful lion-type Adjuchas with a spiked tail, and his mark was the solid black eyes with dark red glowing pupils. Kuroi killed and ate over 600 hollows by himself, though from time to time he gained [and eventually ate] some companions. Kuroi had no true companions in honesty, having learned to be alone due to his time as a human.

    Kuroi had a sharp mind, and could remember everything. As a Gillian, he'd been slower than most, lagging behind the mass so that he could secretly devour more and more hollows. Kuroi loved the thrill of devouring them, and he loved the taste of their hollow meat. Kuroi as a Gillian, had the traditional cage-like mask of those that maintained their personalities instead of becoming mindless Gillian that followed the masses and could easily be slaughtered or bent to someone else's will.

    As an Adjuchas, Kuroi wandered alone, eating any companions he obtained, living with the moon as his companion. He always had the fear of regression, something that all Adjuchas came with. The natural law and knowledge was that if one did not continue to eat, that being would regress, and lose their freedom of personality forever. Kuroi ate many meals over a long period of time as he tried to evolve, but failed constantly. What was wrong? Why couldn't Kuroi evolve? He was a rather large, and powerful Adjuchas, and he had powers that rivaled even some Arrancar. And yet, Kuroi still could not evolve.

    Kuroi finally met a powerful stranger, who turned him into a Vasto Lorde after witnessing his strength. Kuroi however, did not like the idea of serving this man. He served, he obeyed, but he did not like it. He was reluctant, he despised the entire idea of it. Kuroi did not want to serve the man, and he did not want to be an underling to someone that he deemed weak. Eventually, he killed and ate the man, and went around with his new powers as a Vasto Lorde.

    Kuroi was powerful, and in a humanoid form. He enjoyed his power, and he enjoyed killing others. There was seemingly nothing that he enjoyed more than killing and eating foes. Kuroi kept going, not once stopping. Eventually, he got to where he wanted to. Las Noches. He joined there, where he was turned into an incredibly powerful Arrancar.

    Arrancar Life

    Kuroi spent a few years training and mastering his powers. He learned of one weakness, which was his recklessness during blood lust. To correct this, Kuroi decided that High Speed Regeneration would serve him better than a Power Increase, and a fortified Hierro would also work. Whether or not Kuroi gained these things, nobody is quite sure but Kuroi himself. Many assume that he gained the Hierro, but many also assume that the high speed regeneration aluded him, for to this day he fights with a seeming caution.

    Kuroi met one particular stranger during his training, an Arrancar that did not belong to the man that had changed him and others, and a man with no ties. When battling him, Kuroi was utterly defeated, and a scar was torn onto his back forever, a reminder of his humiliating defeat. Kuroi roared in shame, agony, and indignation. For even more years, he trained, he trained, and he trained more. He had to beat this stranger. His powers increased, his mastery of several arts increased. He grew to be a figure of strength, but also one of arrogance. Kuroi was strong, and people knew it, they respected it, and they respected him for his perseverance.

    He was granted this, and searched for the stranger with vigor and pride, and with strength as well. He searched high and low, following secretive clues such as "Your target lies in the back of the wind", and "He will be discovered with the twilight's first glow." These glows made little sense to Kuroi, but eventually, he located something else that was also of interest to him.

    Kuroi discovered a large cavern in Hueco Mundo. Inside were silver markings and runes in an arcane, and ancient language that Kuroi had never seen, or even heard of before. It was mesmerizing, and Kuroi almost felt as if a great force, a great power was rippling from the symbols alone. Kuroi looked all around at them, marveling at their glory. It was then that his Ressurection activated on it's own, and absorbed the entire symbolic hierarchy of the cave. Symbols formed on Kuroi's Ressurection, and suddenly, he could read the speak the language to an acceptable degree. There were symbols and words that he did not know, but that did not matter. Kuroi felt more powerful then he had in ages.

    What Kuroi does not know:

    The runes significantly effected his body, and changed him. He grew powerful to the point that he gained the potential to unlock Ressurection Segunda, whereas before he could not ever have reached such a stage. As Kuroi's strength grows, the runes fade from his armor, and burn into his skin as scars. To date, it is not a noticeable occurence, and Kuroi is not yet aware of it. When he unlocks Ressurection Segunda, the markings will fully leave his armor, and burn into his flesh. Not only this, but they highly influence his Ressurection Segunda's power, which has not yet been discovered, but which already exists and is laid out.

    While on his journey to find the stranger, he also decided to research the arcane runes. He found no designated name, but he found that the symbols contained power, and that any Arrancar to stumble upon them would gain the same power. Kuroi then learned that the vast majority of the caves containing these had been closed off, and only a few were left. Kuroi wanted to try to locate and steal or destroy the power in the other caves, for he had a fear of being overtaken by someone that had the exact same power that he had been given, for as opposed to having two ressurection abilities before, Kuroi's Ressurection gained a third ability, the ace move that he would use sparingly over many more years.

    Kuroi at last located the stranger that he wished to battle, and the two had an epic clash of vicious proportions. Kuroi of course, got the best of his foe, killing him, butchering him, and destroying him. Kuroi felt satisfaction, a vicious high unlike anything that he had ever felt before. It was as if the blood of his destroyed enemy was a drug coursing throughout his veins, and it was something that Kuroi wanted to experience again. The only other way to experience it of course, was to destroy more enemies that Kuroi despised.

    [OOC NAME:] Kuroi
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