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    Necrones Triarca (WIP)


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    Necrones Triarca (WIP) Empty Necrones Triarca (WIP)

    Post by ALL MIGHT on Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:17 pm


    Necrones Triarca (WIP) A077c9cd69965738611385c6b97f2463

    "To most the light is a symbol good or hope, but through my eyes it is as silent and empty as the void. To look upon this light I see, is to know terror. It drifts above me with slow, liquid grace, and its gaze causes madness and dispair wherever it falls. Through my eyes, those it came near took their own lives rather than endure its hellish presence. Through my eyes, it steals away all it stares upon leaving only traces of light that once was. Through my eyes, a machine can only fear one. A light that brings nothing. A light that shows nothing. A light that comes to claim existance itself."

    [Basic Information]

    Name: Necrones Triarca
    The Necron Primarch
    The Light of the first Primarch
    Metal Reaper of the Garden
    Age: Late Twenties
    True Age: 3000
    Sex: Male
    Species: Cyborg Arrancar
    Alignment: Neutral [True]
    Aspect of Death: The Aspect of Death that Necrones displays is one that is hard to determine, however to say simply it is "Change". His aspect of death is this because he hates repitition, change is the act of evolving, removing weakness and replacing it with strength. In essence change is what makes one better or worse, however to one such as he it is evolution, the way of destroying all those in his way and reaching the pinnacle of existence, the level of a god if you will.
    Personality: Necrones' personality, put simply, can only be explained as machine like. He is an emotionally deprived individule, he has never experienced the feeling of being comforted or loved by that of people. He has never been acknowledged by people around him, always traveling alone, thus he has never known what emotions truly are. He shows no emotion to anyone and always logicly answers a problem or question, and if he doesn't have an answer for the Problem/Question at hand he won't answer or do anything at all. Necrones however has experienced one occation of comfort, but this experience wasn't given by that of anyone but by something.  

    Necrones' personality can be put into several traits, these Traits Include. Machine, Continuity, Intelligent, Strategist, Calm, Curious

    Machine - Necrones is almost incapable of showing emotions towards others. He is also almost incapable of understanding most emotions from others. He never takes into account other peoples feelings and can often say hurtful things. He doesn't care for emotional and physical pain, disregarding both as simple warning signs. If he is knocked down by force that breaks his bones, cut down to the point of missing limbs, Struck down by words of hate and spite, pushed back by words of profanity and insanity, tethered and chained by the world, left to rot and rust. he will continue fight, he will continue to march forward like that of a juggernaut. He will march untill his heart gives out. He will march untill his body completely breaks. He will march forward untill his light itself can shine no more.    

    Continuity - Necrones can often be quite repeditive in the way he talks and acts about and around others. while talking with others he will always continue to treat them the same way and talk to them in the same manner. While in the presence of royalty or something simular and around people of a lower stature, he will treat them both equally. He does not see the point in treating someone higher in quality unless they treat him the same. This means he often appears Indimidating for those who cannot handle his metallic personality.  

    Intelligent - Necrones is extremely smart and intelligent, this is often shown through his ability to quickly learn and understand complex situations and problem. He has a vast knowledge of materials(e.g. Metals and their capabilities), electronics, robotics, and a vast knowledge of Battle tactics and war strategy. He is also very knowledgeable in the field of Biology and the mental state of beings, but however lacks knowledge on how to use these for medical purposes.

    Strategist - Necrones is a grand strategist, often when it comes to large forces and numbers. When Necrones launches an attack, it is impossible to discern if it is the main thrust of his strategy or simply a decoy, created to bleed enemy reinforcements away from a battle yet to come. All such assaults are carefully weighted to overwhelm enemy forces already in place, requiring the foe to either sacrifice his troops or reinforce them -- and Necrones' plans are always many stages ahead, set to take advantage of either course. Indeed, Necrones' battle plans are incredibly versatile, seeded with feint attacks, counter-strategies and other contingencies enacted automatically should certain circumstances be triggered or thresholds crossed. To the outside observers, there is something almost mystical to Necrones' methodology, for how else could he so flawlessly anticipate the unseen? Yet in truth there is nothing more at play here than the careful application of probabilities and logic, combined with a canny understanding of the foe’s mindset.

    Calm - Necrones exerts a calm and collected aura around himself... ...

    Curious -

    [Character Appearance]

    Height: 7,3 ft or 2.2 metres
    Weight: 692 lbs or 314 Kg
    Physical Traits: Necrones has very defined broad shoulders, his body also being very muscular which is easy to see even when he is adorned with clothing. This usually gives him a very intimidating appearance, most would probably avoid him or have have trouble talking to him face to face. If people weren't so often under his gaze they probably wouldn't have a problem with him.


    Necrones Triarca (WIP) Hieroglyphs
    It doesn't help that he also has strange cross markings going up his arms and along his chest, these marking are mysterious in nature with Necrones himself having no memories or idea partaking to there purpose. Necrones has had these markings since he was birthed as an arrancar. Necrones has created his own idea of these markings, believing that they represent his limited understanding of everything else. Giving the markings a name known as the 'hearts secrets'. Necrones painted and scribbed the same markings on his temples, which currently reside in Corda Speculo. The markings use several lines and circles to explain a story, the writing is Advanced yet Confusing. To some it would appear primitive, maybe because of the lack of understanding people have of them. Others would most likely think of them as Facinating.

    Necrones also has "cybernetic Implants" and "Robotic" body parts. His left arm and whole left chest region is all robotic and metal plating, as well as his right leg and right arm. The missing organs and vital areas were remade into advance machinery. His brain has had several implants of technology and armour for more combat efficiency, and shielding. You can somtimes see a green glowing energy flicker or flash through the metal. The metal/material these body parts are made out of is called Necro-steel and is dark grey in colour. This metal can only be made by Necrones but can be used by anyone givin' they can understand it's properties, and it has the ability to regenrate it's structure. It can even regenerate after being reduced to it's seperate atoms and molecules.      

    Necrones' skin tone is naturally olive, and can clearly be seen, this is probably due to his genetics in his human life. Even with the lack of sunlight while traveling Hueco Mundo, Necrones is suprisingly able to keep his toned appearance and a beautiful young complexion that would have most jealous. His human skin is soft and warm to touch. However his Metal body parts and plating are Dark grey in colour and are Smooth yet, cold, dead, and lifeless to the touch.

    Necrones' muscles are very defined. His arm muscles such as the biceps, triceps, and Brachioradialis are all large and show visible raw power. The muscles in his remaining chest area giving him his brute like appearance, as well his legs which could help him most likely outrun an athlete.

    Necrones amazingly enough rarely does training on most his body, maybe running, climbing, or lifting the occasional sand dunes, fissures, and trees, yet is still able to keep him amazingly musclular appearance. Although one thing Necrones does aspire towards is the occasional hand-to-hand combat with hostile hollows and arrancar that attack him, not to mention shinigami that he finds while traveling to the human world via his Corda Speculo. Though through recent years he has been training himself with the surrounding environments getting used to wide open spaces and enclosed areas, for combat.

    Necrones' head is averagely sized and shaped with the rest of his body. his eyes are Bright Green, and often have people look away from him, but he has no threatening glance, only a glance givin' by what people say as a "Machine". His eyes hold no emotions apart from maybe the occasional curious look of a person with amnesia, or the look the of a child homeless and alone. Necrones never smiles which is noticeable because he has no crinkles around his oral region. His hair is Charcoal in colour and in terms of length reaches just a few centimeters from his shoulders. It Spikes backwards away from his face, but looks clean yet ragged at the same time.

    Necrones wears black boots, cargo pants and a belt which all have been patched in certain areas with metal plating due to tears and wear, he has no shirt over the top half of his body although wears a really dark grey cloak which has Two plates of curved rectangular Armour on the shoulders and at the edges is torn and shreded. Necrones' Clothing usually gives him the apperance of an Aggressive ruffian or bandit. Necrones' Zanpukto used to be a simple blade with no individule appearance apart from it being Completely made of Metal, even the Grip was metal, which was the only trait that could define it from others. Until Necrones lost his right arm during a battle with another arrancar. In his loss he turned to the only thing he knew, even from birth, "robotics" and "cybernetics" and melted down his Zanpukto to recreate his lost arm, also Infusing Necro-steel with it so it could regenerate like the rest of his robotic/cybernetic parts.

    Necrones is young in appearance, ranging around 20's to early 30's. Although Necrones' age should give him more persona, it simply doesn't. It is noted that necrones does let off a very tall, dark and handsome aura. Although to some more of a Giant, brute, I'm gonna rip of your arms and legs appearance. Although it should be more noted that women find his tallness quite attractive, however due to his current understanding of the world he can't seem to grasp the term "sexual attraction" and usually becomes quiet when too many questions are asked. He becomes especially quiet when someone tries to flirt with him, he might give them a stare or two.

    Necrones' reiatsu is bright green and flares straight up, however when Necrones releases a sufficient amount by flaring it, it  can start to swirl around his feet like a void and flare upwards at a lightning fast rate, It can give the appearance of electricity spiking and sparking around him. Sometimes while flaring his reiatsu. Sometimes when he releases enough reiatsu around himself you can see the faces of skeletal machines flicker through his reiatsu like the dead screaming silently from the abyss. This being very unique to Necrones.

    [Fighting Style]

    General Fighting Style: [Everyone has a general fighting style. What is your characters?]
    Strengths: [What are your characters strengths in terms of Hierro, Sonido, Pesquisa, etc?]
    Weaknesses: [What are your characters weaknesses in terms of Hierro, Sonido, Pesquisa, etc?]

    [Zanpakuto & Cero]

    Sealed Appearance: [What does your sealed zanpakuto look like?]
    Zanpakto Name: [What is the name of your zanpakuto?]
    Zanpakto Call Out: [What do you say to release your zanpakuto's powers?]
    Cero: [List out what cero abilities your character can use. Cero, Bala, Gran Rey, etc.]


    Necrones Triarca (WIP) Necron_overlord_by_thevampiredio-daduxas
    Abilities: [What abilities do you gain?]
    Boosts: [What physical capabilities increase in your resurreccion? Speed, Strength, Stamina, etc.]

    [Resurreccion Segunda]

    Appearance: [What do you look like in segunda?]
    Abilities: [What abilities do you gain?]
    Boosts: [What physical capabilities increase in your resurreccion? Speed, Strength, Stamina, etc.]

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