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    Ika Mazi, Vizard Leader.

    Ika Mazi (Jeff)

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    Ika Mazi, Vizard Leader. Empty Ika Mazi, Vizard Leader.

    Post by Ika Mazi (Jeff) on Sat Aug 27, 2016 6:39 pm

    Yes I know the History sucks ass, I wrote it when I was a barely literate 12 year old, sue me.

    Basic Information

    Name: Ika Mazi
    Age: 17
    True Age: 1000
    Sex: Male
    Personality: Ika is a bit of a stoner, and is generally nearly always smoking something whether it be a blunt, cigarette, or something more mild due to his somewhat severe depression. He is an arrogant and outwardly sarcastic individual whom enjoys dabbling in pursuits of both satirical and jocular varieties. His sense of humor is at times very dark and this is reflected by his very asshole-esque outlook on life and the world. He is considered by many to be something of a dark and or brooding soul, and his personality leaves much to be desired at times. Despite this, he gets around a plenty with the ladies and there aren't too many people whom outwardly dislike him.  He loves to spar and often does this in his spare time as often as possible, he also practices a lot even though he's known to be one of the most painful spars you could ever have the misfortune of trying your luck with.

    Ika is a very nihilist individual whom has at times been shown to struggle with developing coping skills outside of sex, alcohol, drugs, and things of that generally negative nature. He does not fear death by any stretch of the imagination, but rather welcomes it once the time suits him, which makes him a rather dangerous man. Ika does not fight to live you see, he fights to kill, demolish, annihilate, pick a synonym. He is by no means a good guy and though he may offer to help train with an acquaintance, friend, or subordinate of his he is not one to hold back on them either. He will not hesitate to gash you from asshole to appetite if you cross him, or if he finds you to be holding back. Known for his laziness and general aloof attitude when high, Ika generally throws his paperwork and assignments of that ilk towards his subordinates with lots of threats mixed in.

    Ika loves music and is often caught with his Ipod in his ears blaring some music of some sort, whether it be Metal-Core, Punk Rock, Progressive Rock, Metal, Rap, Indie, Alternative, or anything really in between. Ika is quite powerful and is known to be a prodigy after graduating from the academy in less than a year, which is at worst an achievement that will go unmatched for quite some time and at best, will never be matched. He has been known to have a drink with everyone once in a while and has even been known to drink with squad 11 on occasion, since they are considered to be the rowdiest and funnest group of drunkards in all of the Gotei 13. He is an obnoxious person naturally and has never been one to shy away from a fight or verbal exchange, and given his limited social skills he almost always sticks his two cents in whether it was asked for or not. He displays little to no mercy for anyone or anything, and generally considers it a greater honor to die on the battlefield than to live to tell about it.

    Ika is a proud individual, and if pride comes before a fall he's in for a rather large drop any time now. He is very quick-witted and clever, and shows great social skills when he actually attempts to apply them, but that does not happen with overwhelming frequency. When Ika is completely baked he is laid back and care free, you wouldn't even know he was a leader at all.  Ika has been known to never fall in love feeling it only leads to heartbreak, and has adapted an almost Narcissistic outlook on life and love. He is very much an obnoxious guy in day to day life but he, like most people does have a dark side if you set him off. When things get intense, he can get very scary, very quickly...

    When Ika is cornered, or forced to a point where he snaps he becomes a cold, calloused, and calculated individual beyond anything most others could ever hope to predict. He displays psychopathic tendencies and a complete and utter disregard for life of any kind, what's worse about this is the fact that he can at times control when this side of himself comes out, and it's not always explicitly obvious. He becomes not only a berserker per the usual, but one that is now not just looking for bemusement, but rather for blood and death and everything in between. He becomes not only the man, but the myth and the legend. He sadistically mutilates anyone who opposes him regardless of whether or not he is right or wrong, and regardless of whether or not the other person is right or wrong, as far as he is concerned all that oppose him, are wrong.

    Character Appearance

    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 180
    Physical Traits:

    -Picture: Ika Mazi, Vizard Leader. 7b8d5419bbf01462cdc1dfe008d59ac1

    Fighting Style

    General Fighting Style: Kidou and Hand To Hand Master but an overall offensive fighter.No defense and an aggressive offense.
    Strengths: Strength,Speed,Kidou,Hollow Powers,Hand to Hand,Zanjetsu,Shunpo,Stamina
    Weaknesses:Durability,Defense,Anger,Planning ahead.
    Zanpakuto & Kidou

    Sealed Appearance:
    Ika Mazi, Vizard Leader. Serrated_katana_by_raverunner-d7j74ry

    The Zanpokuto is a Katana that is about four in a half feet long. The blade is a deep grey and the hilt is black.The hilt has a hard bottom and it has a very soft grip making it easier for Ika to grip.
    Inner World:
    Ika Mazi, Vizard Leader. Skullheart


    Call Out Command: Doku Hakimasu
    Appearance: Ika's body grows armor that is skintight, and consists of Reitsu infused metal made of the same material that Zanpokuto's are. His hands become covered from the knuckle to the wrist in this armor, he gets a chest plate, as well as plating on his knees, legs from the calves down to his feet, as well as elbows the last armor implement is in the shoulders. The armor can serve both defensive, and offensive purposes. His sword is now attached to strings of Reitsu, that he can control at will. His armor is filled with traps, and other goodies as well.


    Ika's new armor is covered in booby traps all over, that he can either activate manually, or that are activated by contact. These include many toxins/poisons that Ika is immune to. The reason he's immune, is because with every activation, a needle carrying immunity is injected into his body. The chemical composition of the poisons vary from battle to battle, and as do the antidotes.

       Shikai Techniques:

    Brass Knuckles- This is perhaps the most straightforward of the bunch, when Ika makes contact with his fist, a small scale explosion ensues, causing damage equivalent to a Cero. One post cooldown, lasts for a post.

    Shoulder Pads- When these are hit, it causes a reaction, leading to a quick spray of acid all around. It sprays 10 feet in a 270 degree cone, being sure to avoid Ika. It can be used twice, once per shoulder before needing a 2 post cooldown. Can cause up to 2nd degree chemical burns.

    Spiked Up Kicks'- Ika can cause 6 inch blades to grow out of his shoes, ideal for cutting opponents, or for holding a spot in the ground/getting some grip. The best ability of these lies in the poison coating. Once it makes contact, small scale necrosis will occur wherever the blade made contact. 2 inches in each direction of the cut will quickly decay and breakdown over two posts, much like a Brown Recluse bite.  He can use this ability for one post before needing a two post cooldown.

    Sword Strings- Ika can use the strings at all times to control his blade and where it ends up. He can use it as a ranged weapon, controlling it via the strings, or simply use it manually from his hands. The problem is, that when Ika is controlling it he can not be using any other attacks that aren't automatic. This blade is also poisoned, with a nice toxic dose of neurotoxins. Any place this cuts will be paralyzed for the next 3 posts. This poison does however have a 1 post cooldown, as it needs time to secrete and re-secrete.  (Like, he can't be using Cero and Kidou while controlling the sword, but if you hit his shoulder pads you're still going to get an unsavory dose of acid reflex ;D)

    Tainted- Ika has after years and years become immune to his own custom form of acid, which he can spray towards an opponent at will. He can flip his tongue up, and a stream of acid will shoot out towards the opponent, if it makes contact, it will cause harsh 3rd degree chemical burns, but only in a small area. 1 post cooldown.

    Tainted Fluids- Any contact with Ika's bodily fluids (spit, blood, piss, sweat, so on.) Will cause 2nd-3rd degree chemical burns. This ability is inherent.

    Boosts: All X2


    New Name: Yūdoku fu~yūrī (Or Toxic Fury, English translation, depends on my mood.)
    Ika Mazi, Vizard Leader. GorztheEmissaryofDarkness
    Abilities: In this form Ika's body armor encompasses his whole body. He garners 2 handblades (One for each hand), 2 knives in separate thigh holsters, and a scythe on his back along with his sword, which he now has three of, all three of which are Katana's, marked similarly. The Scythe, the 3 Swords, and his 2 knives all are attached to the same Reitsu strings that his sword was in Shikai. He can control up to 3 of these objects at a time. He retains all prior techniques.

    Bankai Techniques:

    Scythe throw- The scythe acts as a boomerang, he can chuck it, rotating it in a speed similar to that of a Cero, with equivalent velocity and power behind it in a cutting format. Once knocked down, the strings vibrate allowing it to return to him. If this blade makes contact with an opponents, skin, after one post they will begin to experience vomiting, and drowsiness. 3 post cooldown for the poison, 1 post cooldown for the throw itself. (Basically, it can be thrown with or without the poison, but the poison requisites a 3 post cooldown where as the throw itself only requisites a one post cooldown.)

    Throwing Knives- Ika can use the Reitsu strings to speed up his knives to speeds equal to that of a Bala, swinging wildly as they would. He can also throw them, with similar velocity and speed to that of Bala. Once he does this, they become flying, cutting projectiles, but on contact they explode, with damage similar to that of a Cero. If they are not thrown, the Bala like speed is all that applies. The Knives can be used for two posts, and whether or not they are thrown require a 3 post cooldown from the point they're no longer used.

    Handblades- The blades on Ika's hands act as a trigger, once again alerting the Shoulder armor to mount the acidic spew they normally use. Ika controls the spray, and it sprays a 270 degree area, towards the opponent, 10 yards in all directions except to where it could hit Ika. (Use basic bodily proximity for this.) These burns could cause up to 3rd degree chemical burns and require a 3 post cooldown before they can once again trigger this toxic spray.

    Poisoned Blades- When Ika cuts an opponent with any of the 3 swords, wherever the blade makes contact will be paralyzed for 2 posts. This requires a 2 post cooldown.

    Body trap-On top of the already established traps, Ika has many traps throughout his body, that function based off of Reitsu strings in a fraction of a second. These traps include a gas trap in his chest, if any contact is made with his chest, poisonous gas explodes everywhere, encompassing 20 yards in all directions with said gas. If this gas comes in contact with the skin, one can expect irritation of the skin, along with constant twitching for two posts, followed by a numbness and lack of feeling for a post. If the gas is inhaled, violent puking, respiratory problems, and diarrhea will impact the opponent for two posts. This gas has a 5 post cooldown. Ika is immune due to the aforementioned antidotes.

    Tainted 2.0- Upon years of harvesting the acid his body secretes and raising it's potency, Ika has learned how to make weapon cartridges containing enough acid to cover a 30 foot area with the splatter. If this acid makes contact with ones skin, you can expect extreme pain, and up to 3rd degree chemical burns. Ika uses these through holes in the hands of his armor, which with concentrated Reitsu behind them for pressure, can launch at speeds similar to that of a Cero, with half the time to produce. They can be launched quickly, and shatter on impact, they look fairly harmless till they shatter of course. Then? Not so much. Ika has 5 shots with this before needing 3 posts to reload.

    Tainted Fluids- Once again inherent, all bodily fluids as elaborated upon earlier lead to brutal 3rd-4th degree chemical burns.

    Boosts: Everything X3


    Appearance: Ikas Hollow mask has a red flame like pattern on it, he also has 4 spikes coming out of it.It in a way resembles a bull except with two extra horns and he also has a very small speaking hole in the middle at the bottom. The mask is white and red for the total colors of the mask. He has eye holes at the top and a small nose hole as well. Ikas mask also is also one of few that cover his whole face entirely and the mask fits perfectly.
    Abilities:Increased Strength, Stamina, Durability, and Reitsu reserves by 3x. Speed by 4x.
    Hollow Powers:Cero,Bala,Pequissa,Heirro

    Full Vizard Form

    Appearance: COMING SOON
    Power Boosts:COMING SOON

    Back Drop

    Background: Ika was not your normal kid as a human He lived a tough life losing his brother and mother in two years and then had a following two years of 5 friends dieing as well.He hated death and always was against it though he never was against fighting and he fought quite often. He had three friends at this time since he was very antisocial. They were Franky Jessica and Tanner. Franky was an emo kid Tanner and Jess were Bi and Hipsters so they were a little fucked up but Ika was not exactly normal either so what did he care. He was a mentally addicted cutter and stoner and got a bull burn on his left thigh to prove it and values it as his life almost.

    He was raised in a house where his dad abused him and often showed signs of this and felt worthless at most points in time. He was never loved in his opinion and really hated life and was tempted to end it. One day it was his birthday and his dad being a prick and all gave him a noose a razor and a card that said how worthless he was for his birthday. Ika was terribly upset about this and got the point. He went to the woods and hung himself and gutted himself and watched his funeral as a Shingami to see that no one even came to see him buried. He became emotionless from then on.

    He was bored in the Soul Society he wanted more than to just lay down and waste away all of time itself. He then enlisted to become a Shingami and was great. He graduated top of his class in one year and then became a seated member in the Kidou corps because he graduated top of his class in Kidou. He then heard his Zanpokuto speak to him and immediately knew it was time to learn Shikai. He began to ask its name but no reply.He would ask more "personal questions" such as how he was feeling things about his life, they discussed musics meaning things that they valued.They both knew each other well and he began to train one day.

    He trained and trained and tried to become good friends with his Zanpokuto and was succeeding and he knew it but no leap of faith yet,no not until he became a little stronger,and then, and only then would he ask it what its name was and actually expect a good response.He swung his sword left,right,up, and down mastering striking combos and sweating like he was in the Amazon but he pushed on knowing more power lie ahead for him and knowing that he could very well become Lieutenant with such power.He trained more and continued prying deep into his loyal partners mind trying to learn more and more as he trained.He was getting impatient and decided he would ask.He would ask him now.He smiled and spoke "one last question" the Zanpokuto replied "what is it my friend"?

    Ika swallowed hard and sweated even more from being nervous as hell and choked out an inaudible "whats your name".The spirit looked confused and inquired back "I am terribly sorry my good friend I cannot hear you what was that" he looked  baffled standing in his inner world as Ika spoke.Ika stood up,now or never,nut up or shut up,Ika mustered up the courage "Zanpokuto what is your name" he asked sounding as confident as possible which was not easy with his current state of mind and silence followed.Ten seconds passed and it seemed like an eternity when his Zanpokuto smiled widely and replied "Bleeding Heart is my name and you now have unlocked more of your untapped power,good job Ika".He smiled and walked back.Ika stared on in disbelief.

    Ika worked hard for years to master his Shikai and became Vice Captain of squad 2 for years and he was content with such power for years as well until one day he sparred with the Captain and lost just because he had Bankai and he knew he needed it if he wanted to be stronger and decided it was time.He needed to learn Bankai and he trained for years so he could get inside his Inner World to learn Bankai and finally got inside and told his Zanpokuto he wanted Bankai and Bleeding Heart looked at him with icy cold eyes.He cracked his knuckles and told him "fine but it will be hard and you will have to beat me on my terms in complete darkness with none of your senses but touch to work for you.He smiled "not much choice lets get started now my friend".

    He fought him and went to hit him but with no senses he failed,he could not see,sense,taste,smell,or even hear him and he waited and continued to be cut at every turn and making aimless attempts at cutting into his Zanpokuto Spirit.He had to think of something and quick or he would be swiss cheese before the battle even started and right as he began to think, Stab.The blade sunk into Ika and though it hurt like a bitch and left a huge gash in his left lung Ika got an idea on how to win this thing and it donned on him that his foes guard was down because of Ikas predicament.He smiled and waited and yelled "come on you bastard try it again lets go".He charged Ika and Ika tensed up.

    Stab Ika was stabbed 10 mm from the original spot he was stabbed but he wasn't the one whom was down now,as soon as he was stabbed he stabbed his Zanpokuto spirit as blood spurted out Ikas mouth and the area became clear he smiled "hmph well a hell of a way to end this I guess".His spirit was beaten and coughed up blood "ya it is over you got me Ika though that was a hell of a way of doing it, nice job Ika I am proud of you for doing this train more and master your new power.He smiled when he woke up and trained a bit but could not move anymore after that and then he walked to his room and hit the hay.Training was a pain in the ass he thought.He trained for years to master it as Lieutenant.

    Bankai was a pain in the ass for him and he thought he looked quite badass and he was right. He was absolutely badass and went against his captain in a spar and won while using Bankai in front of the head captain. The Head Captain was impressed and made him the captain immediately. He was content with this for a while. A matter of fact he was content for 100 years. Then an event that shook his life forever happened. He would never be the same ever. He was now Captain of squad 2.

    He heard screaming and as he went to rush to investigate he saw that his lieutenant was being killed. She was woman and she was being eaten by a Hollow and as it swallowed her it turned around and spoke to him "Long time no see Ika". He recognized the voice it was Jessica. He nearly dropped on a knee and allowed death to come until his Zanpokuto spirit took over and slashed her open and made him watch her disappear. It was a terrible moment in his life and one that could of ended it for him.

    Life went on even though he began to smoke a joint nearly all the time and just kind of went the direction that life took him. He had lost most of his humor and the lieutenant he had just gotten wasn't half as good as the one before. He wanted to send him on a hard mission and hope he'd never return but the head captain wouldn't allow it. This disappointing him greatly.He began to realize that he was not doing very well as a captain as irresponsible as he was but he knew it was not enough for his title to be revoked.

    One day as he was walking around he got knocked out and woke up weirdly and felt something white going around him. He was in utter disbelief he was Hollowfying. He screamed bloody murder and realized that if anyone came he would not be as welcome he ran like hell until the pain overwhelmed him. He passed out and then soon began to hear his Inner Hollow speak.He did not mind it as it was much like his Zanpokuto Spirit and himself in many ways. He was a runaway not accepted anywhere that he knew of he then decided to go look for the other Vizards. He figured he had been sealed so he knew it was one of the better ways to have it happen.

    Nightmares on top of nightmares and even more nightmares as his nights became restless with no sleep for months and he was surviving on pure straight up Caffine when finally he couldn't take it anymore.He ran out to the forest in the Amazon and began to fight his Inner Hollow "bring it you dumb son of a bitch I am tired of your shit and tired of being awake and want to sleep and honestly I need some power so prepare to die asshole".The Hollow looked at him and laughed a sadistic laugh that would make the most hardened of people cringe in fear and it spoke "what a mouth you have on you, to bad you won't have a tongue to speak with when I am done with you Shingami scum". Ika smiled and cracked his knuckles and Shunpo'd above him and slashed his blade down and it was caught with ease as he followed up with a slash at Ika that knocked him into the ground."Not bad" Ika grinned at the Hollow while saying this blood trickling from his mouth."My turn now bitch".

    Ika and his Inner Hollow exchanged blow after blow but Ika was the only one wearing down and meanwhile the Hollow was taking over, and knew he had to finish the guy off sometime soon.Ika slashed at him and was knocked back then impaled through his leg.He smiled and pulled off a move that ended the fight and any chance of my moving his leg he used his other foot to step off his blade and jump but the other blade cut his leg from the knee up but it didn't matter now as Ika took a slash and cut the Hollow down."You win Ika but let this be known to you the second I sense weakness in you I will crush your skull with my bare F***ing hands and take over that body of yours that I consider to be my vessel". Ika just smiled and yawned "good luck with that".He woke up and checked the time before he passed out "69 minutes... huh".He then passed out from blood loss and awoke healed.Apparently someone healed him."Great now then...".

    He wandered like this for a few years killing everything that would dare attack him at any time. Hollows Shingami for being an outlaw a desperate Bounto Quincys even Humans would try to bring him down. No one could as Ika was very tough and he knew how to fight hand to hand and sword to sword. This made him a very hard to combat foe.He had it all as Captain of squad 12 Lieutenant of squad 2 and 5th seed of squad 10 all under his belt. He was the perfect outlaw in every way and his powers were unrivaled.That was until he stumbled upon a old Human.

    He met the Human whom had been following him around Mexico for quit some time now and he was in the middle of no where so he figured he might be able to dispose of him quietly.He turned around and looked at the Human "what is your business I have no time to put up with this"... He said this and as he did the man jumped above him "big mistake". As he said this the man came down with a slash at his arm of which he easily parried. The next attack was aimed at his stomach and it missed as he Shunpo'd away. "Bankai" and as he said this the man launched a Hado 4 at him. "Not a human that means he-". He was cut off as the man Shunpo'd behind and made a slash at his back. He responded with his Reitsu gas which made him able to be affected by his moves as he inhaled it and he did right as it cut his back.

    Ika had him where he wanted him and yelled "die" and began to wonder what kind of simple human could put up such a fight as if it were nothing and became very pissed off as they both clashed swords again and as one tried to get an advantage Ika was able to muster out a question "Who are you". "Makino Mazi who are you" he replied. Ika held back tears it was his father. "Your boy the one you never cared about and treated like shit for his whole life". Ikas Reitsu flared.

    His Reitsu turned dark and even more immense than before and his mask took over his face as his dad gawked at him realizing he was a Vizard. "Your one of them". His father said this with a disdained appearance  to his face and Ika laughed "yes dad and this one will be your death".He Shunpo'd behind him and punched him in the cut and kicked him in the knee dislocating his knee.His dad screamed out in pain and looked at Ika as he somehow reverted.His father laid his head down expecting to be decapitated.

    Ika did not kill him "I pity you but do not take this as forgiveness I simply have the compassion that you lacked and it came from my mother".His father took a breath of relief and looked at his son in disbelief "I just got my ass handed to me by my son and pitied what is the reason"? Ika looked at his father "when I died my mom told me about your addiction and that you weren't really like that". He looked at the sky. "I can't forgive you for what you did all I can do is spare you and have compassion".

    His dad laughed and spat out blood "of all people to pity me and say something like this you were the last one I expected". Ika glared at his father and spoke slowly "if you wish for your life to continue and you want a chance at being valued by me leave now before I change my mind". His father held back tears and walked away "we will meet again son". Ika spat at the ground and looked at his father smiling "not if I get my way now get going". Ikas dad left without a word and his whereabouts are to this moment unknown.Ika does not mind this and now waits for the meeting his dad promised though doubts it will come.

    As time passed Ika became restless with his mask duration and wanted it to become longer,he wanted to become stronger after fighting his dad and it annoyed him that he couldn't use his mask longer and then decided to train so he would get stronger.He had fought his Inner Hollow and won,he fought his dad and won,he fought his Zanpokuto and own but he still,no matter how hard he trained he seemed as if he could not get any stronger and this pissed him off to quite a large extent.He wanted the power,no...he needed the power,he needed to prove to himself he could get stronger.If he couldn't his mind held no reason to keep living in this hell of a life.He decided it was time to push the Vizard thing to the max, to see if he could harness its full power.It was time to enhance his powers to their fullest.

    Ika stood in the field and after fighting his father he felt weak, he wanted to be the strongest.He jumped down and looked at the sky and gathered all the emotion he could into himself and jumped deep within his self and saw his Hollow "my partner I will train with you so that I can harness your power so that we can become stronger join me won't you.The Hollow pondereed this for a second "and whats in it for me if I win hmm".Ika smiled "you know exactly what you get you punk bitch now lets get started".Ika drew his Zanpokuto and began whirling it around in circles and made a smashing hit at his foe.The Hollow easily got out of the way and smashed Ika into the dirt with his Zanpokuto.Ika got up and spat to the ground as blood slowly filled his mouth "not bad.

    They continued slashing wildly at one another as Ikas Zanpokuto tried to help him in any way possible but the Hollow was powerful indeed.He made slash after slash after slash at the Hollow and the Hollow did the same, vertical cuts horizontal cuts stabs it was like an all out war. "Give up Ika just allow your power to be mine it will be much less painful for you I promise".Ika spat on the ground and smiled "yeah maybe but I really like this body so sorry I will be keeping it thank you".His Hollow waved his Zanpokuto in circles and shot it at him like a canon "tough words for a dead man".Ika saw this and grabbed the sword as it went through his arm.He pulled it out and tossed it back and grinned as blood poured out of his arm at the upper forearm."I would hate for you to lose such a pretty sword their".He grinned as he put his hand on his arm "wouldn't want this to be to easy".The Hollow just smirked "I completely agree your death will be much to easy and painless without the sword".It laughed wildly "so I will gut you with this very sword how about that bwahahhahahahahaha".

    Ika heard a swish and looked behind him to see his Hollow laughing wildly and swinging the sword knocking him back 20 feet.As he made contact with the ground he flipped on his hands with a back handstand and landed "not bad for someone who can barely swing that sword tell me how is it knowing that I am able to counter this this easily and that you'll never get this sexy body".Ika smiled as he truly looked at the Hollow before him like it wasn't even a threat.This of course was not true as the Hollow was by far one of the biggest threats Ika had ever seen and as Ika Shunpo'd forwards to collide swords with it he noticed the impact was weaker.The Hollow stopped and jumped back and had a blank look.He then spoke "let me ask you a question" he asked in a cold tone that Ika had never before heard."What do you want" Ika would say with a scowl."Why do you want my power so badly" The Hollow would ask with the same look.Ika stared at the ground his face became tight sad and strained "after fighting my dad"...his voice trailed off."I want to get stronger dammit and I will do whatever I have to do to do it".The Hollow smiled and spoke "put your mask on and train and if you can take the training my power is yours".Ika grinned "ok ready".

    Ika swiped the mask over his face and immediately had a flurry of pain come over him and it seemed as if all of his past memories were flooding back.The beatings were played out in his mind in such brutal detail down to the word and the same exact pain.Ika screamed as he felt defenseless as the pain took over him in such a brutal manner.Ika was in the forest with not a soul around in Bogota which suited him just fine and in his own eyes it was just like his heart lonely with not a soul to be found with in one hundred miles of it.He was right in the middle screaming yet only the animals that made their homes there could hear his hopeless cries.It was truly pitiful as his Reitsu was being thrown all over the place and scaring the animals off as the birds began to fly off and the ones on foot were running as fast as they could away from Ika.He truly felt alone there in that damned wilderness but then the Hollow came through in his head with his Zanpokuto spirit."Listen Ika you must fight your memories confront them make peace with them then while your doing this train as much as possible.

    Ika began to run laps around the forest and climb the trees and jump from limb to limb and land on frail branches just so they would break and he would Shunpo to the next branch and do the same thing.It was a good work out and as he made his way back he drew his Zanpokuto and had just noticed the beauty of it.He smiled and at first he made motions with the sword as if he were actually fighting.His Hollow and Zanpokuto spirit watched smiling and spoke "good job Ika keep up the good work".Ika Shunpo'd forwards and made a slash at the biggest tree he could find and yelled "timber" as he did this he Shunpo'd back and watched it take out a lot of trees in the nearby area like a bucnh of dominos.He then Shunpo'd to the tree that was about to fall over and hit it with his fist and knocked it back the other way to stop the dominoe effect.He then grabbed a tree and kicked it full force and split it down the middle.As he did this he punched another with much thicker bark and left a crater in the tree.He then hit the smaller tree behind him with his elbow as it toppled over and he grinned as he did this.

    He was becoming stronger and he didn't even know it and as he did this he began to Shunpo around and he was even faster than before and he looked like a truly superb fighter and he liked this.He liked feeling stronger and feeling his power slowly increase to unknown levels he never thought he would reach.He laughed and drew his sword.

    Ika began slashing wildly at the trees around him leveling each of them without even having to try, all he had to do was flick his wrist and have his sword make contact and bam the trees would fall.He was having fun with this and was learning to control the Hollow but then it struck him like a F***ing fright train.The pain of his mothers death and all of his friends deaths Ika screamed "MOM JESSICA GAHHHTTT" the visions and emotional sorrow struck him like a bullet.He keeled over crying and began to puke and he knew he had to fight the pain even without his Zanpokuto and Hollow yelling it in his head.He knew he had to continue training.He jumped and Shunpo'd to the sky and came down with his Zanpokuto cutting a huge tree right down the middle as he Shunpo'd away and watched them fall.The carnage was unforeseable.Half the landscape was completely laid waste to and he saw the images of his moms dead body and Jessicas mangled dead body.It made him cry through the mask but he would still attempt to keep his composure as he began to rip through the area before him.It was truly a sight to behold as the area looked like a tornado had just ripped through it.He kicked down trees cut them down punched them down through them down he even destroyed a whole damn tree that was 100 feet tall and about 15 feet round with his bare hands.If he wasn't frightening now he was never going to be but this still wasn't enough for him.He had to keep at it.

    The training was brutal to say the least and Ika was feeling the pain of it but Ika wanted this new power badly he would kill to be stronger than what he was and he was proving this now as he was absolutly destroying this area with his barehands and Zanpokuto.It was truly an amazing feat destroying such a large area in such a short time single handedly.He was barely lifting a finger and destroying even more of it.He then began to practice flexability and was amazed at the limberness he had in this form.He did a double backflip in mid air without having to try,it was that easy.He could still do the kicks and flips and he was as limber as a rubberband.A matter of fact if anything he was even more limber than before which truly excited him since that was a great part of his fighting strategys and life style.Ika smiled thinking the onslaught of pain was over.Boy was he wrong.

    When he went for a backflipping kick in mid air he fell on his face as he saw himself kill himself in his mind.It was like a replay down to his last seconds and feelings and as he felt it he gripped his throat because he felt like he was choking.He had no clue what was so wrong but it really hurt him and when he tried to overcome it it was like his breatheing was stopped.He couldn't take it anymore.He yelled "STOP".Then suddenly the voice echoed throughout the area and it was the only thing able to be heard for miles as he fell to the ground clutching his head and slowly tried to stand up and as he began to cry it rained all over him.He did the one thing he needed to his whole life.Just let it all out and to cry, he needed to quit bottling up his emotions he needed to let them go but he was denied this before but not now.He could cry all he wanted and he did.There was no in between he was straight up balling his eyes out.He needed to grieve and now was the time.He felt like he could just lay there and curl up in a ball and die right then and there but he knew he could not accomplish what he wanted dead.He picked himself up and continued training.Right then and there in the rain he began to rapidly punch holes in the ground as it began to shake at the speed and strength of his punches and he smirked as he created a crater in the ground about 20 feet deep and wide.He Shunpo'd out and saw a tree and came out with a full force punch knocking the smaller tree back about 10 feet as he landed.He then picked up his sword and carved his name into the bark of a tree while and said under his name "rest in piece Jesseca Kisamoyo and Kathryn Mazi aka mom you'll both be missed forever and I love you".He then sat down by the tree and cried more.He stood up and cracked his knuckles and smiled at the sky."Thank you my Hollow and thank you Bleeding Heart".He got his serious face back on as his Hollow began to speak to him once more "are you ready for another test"?It would ask and Ika shook his head yes and spoke "yes as ready as I think I will ever be".The Hollow said nothing more as Ika resumed his training and destruction of the area.He of course had no idea of what pain lay ahead.

    He trained but then he fell over,unable to stand like the breathe was simply taken from him and he began to cry for the first time in a long,long while and as he did he saw it all before his eyes and the Hollow said he would end Ikas suffering if Ika would give up and smiled "go ahead". Ikas eyes steeled he looked at his Hollow dead in the eye and looked straight at him dead in the eye and spoke with a large large smirk on his face "not in a million years would I sell my soul to something as evil and sinister as you,rot in hell".The Hollow scoffed at this statement not fully aware of the trouble he was in and felt the cold blade long before he saw it "I will take your power now Hollow".The Hollow fell to the ground with a sly smile "you do have killer instinct heh I thought your old dad made you soft".Ika smiled "you thought wrong goodbye". Ika threw on his mask.

    He jumped from tree to tree with inhuman agility and speed and barely had to try to move,this Mask was a simply amazing tool and was proving its worth in training alone,he the decided it was time to see if his strength had been enhanced any what so ever.He took his fist and punched a tree and it immediately toppled over and he picked it up and threw it.And, unlike before he wasn't tiring out his Mask was lasting longer he threw it up in the air and pointed his finger at it and launched a huge Cero and blew the tree to oblivion.This power...why couldn't he have known of such before.He smiled and punched the ground and a crater formed, this would be fun.He knew he could not let up on such training and the second he did it would have been for not,a waste of his valuable and precious time.He knew he had to continue and he did.

    The time was passing quickly,night was already falling and he could feel himself tiring steadily but not enough to stop him,oh hell no,stopping was not in Ikas nature this shit would be like go go go.He jumped u and came down with a thrust of his leg on a tree and crushed the top of it into the ground like he wasn't even trying and cracked his knuckles as he saw a stream and saw a fish.He practiced his speed he waited and punched quick enough to smash it and he watched solemnly as what little entrails and insides of the fish that were left floated away downstream. Ika felt like superman and thought he could do anything and tried to do just that.He wrestled an Alligator and crushed its throat with a squeeze of his hand.Oh how fun this could be to use in battle he thought to himself solemnly.He splashed his face in the stream and walked away.He left any signs of weakness left in him,buried at the creek bed.

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